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Branch in 'good' mood, reworks deal

The wide receiver talks about his contract and possible touchdown celebrations.

For the second time this week, WR Deion Branchentertained reporters, this time at his locker. And once again, he was forthcoming about his contract.

After being traded from the Seattle Seahawks, Branch still had this season and next remaining on his pact, with a reported guaranteed salary of $5.47 million for 2010, which he'll still receive. Next year, he would have earned $5.95 million, but that figure has been transformed into a reportedly incentive-based arrangement that, according to the Boston Herald, would reduce his base salary.

However, Branch could still earn most of the money he would have gotten from Seattle if he reaches certain performance criteria.

"That's part of the agreement that we worked out. Both parties are satisfied," Branch acknowledged, without getting into specifics.

"It was good, it was good. Both parties agreed on something and we worked it out. But it's always good just to be back in here. You've got to know what you're doing it for, and I know the purpose and why I did it. That was the most important thing."

So, why did he agree to those terms?

"Just want to always be around champions, man," Branch replied. "It's always good to have that feeling and know what you're surrounded by."

Branch also explained that what he feels surrounded by here in New England is a lot of love and support, both from teammates and fans. He said it will be an emotional experience for him when he sets foot again on the Gillette Stadium turf this Sunday in front of 68,000 Patriots fans.

And if he finds his way into the end zone, might we see some of those trademark, electrifying celebrations he was known for earlier in his career?

Branch burst into laughter when the question was asked, then composed himself and explained how those entertaining routines are drawn up.

"Normally, I check in with the offensive linemen. We get together on Saturday and discuss that."

Apparently, the o-line doesn't exactly handle the choreography, they simply tell Branch what they want to see and leave it up to him to work out the details.

"It's so funny," Branch started to continue, just as quarterback Tom Bradywas returning to his locker, which is right next to Branch's.

"Tom," he said to Brady, "remember we were talking about the touchdown dances?"

"Yeah," Brady replied.

Branch then told reporters that the two had been speaking about that very subject less than half an hour prior.

"Deion can dance now," Brady added.

So, might we see Branch on a future season of "Dancing with the Stars?"

"I don't know man," Branch laughed.

"I'll leave that to him," he said, motioning toward his next-door neighbor. "I know Tom would do that stuff."

Brady, apparently, has two left feet. He made clear, in no uncertain terms, that he would never be a contestant on the popular ABC show.

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