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Brandon Lloyd Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots WR Brandon Lloyd addresses the media during a press conference at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Q: How much can you take from the first matchup with the Ravens in September?

BL: We can take a lot of the preparation. We can take away the good things we did in the game. We didn't have any turnovers. We need to be more effective running the ball and more effective in the pass game.

Q: Regardless of where you are lined up, is Ed Reed the kind of guy you are always aware of before the play starts?

BL: You definitely keep an eye on him. There are not very many times in my responsibilities where I'm responsible for Ed, but he is a playmaker and he is one of those guys that always catches your eye on film because he has a nose for the ball. He is a great player. He and Ray Lewis are probably two of the most influential players in our era of football and so there impact on the game is enormous and you keep an eye on those guys when watching film.

Q: Now that you have experienced working with playoff Tom Brady, what makes him exceptional or special this time of year?

BL: It's the same preparation, the same commitment, the same commitment to developing relationships with the pass catchers, with the offensive line. We still get our one-on-one time and routes and one-on-one time in film study. So he does that with all of the players and he spends a lot of time with us. You get that during the regular season and he is still doing that now. So it is the same.

Q: What is something about Tom that you didn't know until you came to the Patriots?

BL: I think how detailed his work ethic is. We all work hard and we all say that we do work hard. We like to think that the best players are the hardest workers and Tom proved that when I got here.

Q: Can you talk about spending a lot of time working on the outside and it seems like the sideline is friendlier to the defensive players than to the offensive players?

BL: I can't talk about that because I don't agree with it.

Q: How does the sideline benefit a receiver then?

BL: I don't know.

Q: Where I'm heading is that it seems like defensive players can kind of pinch people to the sideline.

BL: I'll let you write it.

Q: Do you feel you have had success working on the outside this year?

BL: We have been moderately successful.

Q: How is the mentality different approaching a game? Is it the same every season? Is it still that one game at a time mentality?

BL: That is how I have been approaching it. It seems like ever since Thanksgiving there have been the biggest games of my career and it is not changing now in the playoffs. The approach that I've always taken in my career, regardless of the magnitude of the game, is to approach it like it is a regular game and that has been helpful for me."

Q: How do you guys adjust offensively going forward without Rob Gronkowski?

BL: You have to ask coach.

Q: It was only one game, but do you feel any different now heading into your second playoff game? Do you feel like you have gotten rid of some jitters or nerves that were there before? Do you feel a little bit more comfortable?

BL: There were no nerves, no jitters.

Q: Do you feel any different this week?

BL: Nope, and playing in the playoff game was pretty much a regular game.

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