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Brandon Spikes Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots LB Brandon Spikes addresses the media during open locker room access at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

(On if the Week Three matchup matters)
"Nope, not really. I don't think so. Like I said, teams get better as the season goes. Honestly I feel like we are a whole different defense than Week Three."

(On how the Ravens' offensive line challenges them)
"From just watching film they look pretty good. Actually, they definitely demand the physical presence up front. I just think they get off on that front five. If they are firing off the ball and Ray [Rice] is doing what he does, I think we will have a big problem if we don't come out and do our job. All the way across the board everybody has to be hitting on all cylinders."

(On if identifying Ray Rice is the first challenge due to their size up front)
"Absolutely. They are very big and tall up front and just locating him behind them. He is explosive. One mistake and he can go the distance. We definitely have to be sound."

(On the lesson they take from blowing that lead in September)
"It wasn't just the lead, it was a lot of things. Honestly me personally, I feel like I played my worst game of the season and I definitely want to come out and do a lot better. Like I said, we are a whole different defense."

(On what he sees from Joe Flacco at this point in his career)
"You see a veteran guy that is doing what you have to do to get his team going. Like I said, he has been making plays. You watch it on film and he does it, he gets it done and I respect that and I respect a lot of guys over there. Like I said, we come out and play to our strengths we will be alright."

(On if the Ravens are as good of a deep ball threat team as anyone right now)
"Absolutely. They have a fast guy that gets deep. You've got to respect that. It is what it is. You have to respect that. Hopefully we can just hit on all cylinders and be sound all the way across the board."

(On if he feels they are at their best when Ray Rice is featured)
"Without a doubt. I think he is just an all around player. He can catch it out of the backfield and make plays. We have to do whatever we can to contain a guy like that. I have the upmost respect for a guy like that. He has been in the league playing at a high level, very productive. We have to just do what we can to contain him."

(On if he looked at Ray Lewis growing up)
"I respect this game but not really. I think we are two different players."

(On why the earlier game against the Ravens was his worst game)
"We talked about this once before but I can't say that again. I just don't think I was prepared and I made mistakes that I normally don't make. I went back and watched the game and it wasn't the Brandon Spikes that I know. I definitely want to come out and capitalize off of a game like that and do whatever I can and get whatever edge I can get to try and better myself."

(On if the Ravens physical style of game the kind of game they like)
"Definitely, absolutely. Like I said, if you like football—me personally I love football—this is the game you want to be in. Playoff game, it is all on the line. We at home, physical tough, that is what it is all about and we're going to be ready. We'll see you on Sunday."

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