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Cedric Cobbs Player Journal

The veterans are really cool around here. They pretty much have the hospitality attitude of "Make yourself at home."

08/12/04 Training camp

The veterans are really cool around here. They pretty much have the hospitality attitude of "Make yourself at home." There aren't any rookies that get out of hand, so it would be interesting to see what would go on if that happens. But everyone is pretty cool, relaxed and laid-back. What's the hardest part of training camp? Well, just getting used to being at the stadium all day and all night. It's not an all day thing, it's an all day and all night thing. Just getting used to that and getting into shape. And getting used to getting in at 6:30am and leaving at 9:30pm at night.

06/23/04 More mental than physical

The mini camp experience was intense. It was definitely different from college, more mental, and I now know what everybody means when they say the NFL is more mental than physical. I had to make a lot of mental steps to get used to the program, and of course the speed of the game is a lot faster. There are a lot of different plays and so many responsibilities. Everything needs to be perfect. One of the biggest challenges for me is to make sure I am 100% on all my plays. You have to know your routes, who to pick up on the blitz, and other little steps. Overall, it was a nice experience; I didn't really have too many struggles doing everything. The teammates are all great. I can see where they get their togetherness, everyone treats everyone with respect. I don't know what this league holds. I just want to come out and help contribute and compete for that title again. I am surrounded by a bunch of great players and am just going to keep my ears wide open and do everything I can to help.

05/21/04 Rookie Premiere

I'm checking in from the NFL Players Rookie Premiere in LA. Just got off the flight from Boston - that's a long trip.

Practice with New England has been good but tough. I can see why they're the best - it's three times harder than college. Coach Belichick and Coach Weis are all business - no fun and games here.

I'm looking forward to a fun time here in LA. Then I'm heading back to New England for more practice.

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