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Chandler Jones Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots DE Chandler Jones addresses the media during his press conference on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

Q: Is practicing a hard cadence a normal part of your preparation each week? Is it more of an emphasis this week? Everyone watching the game against San Diego saw the Broncos use it a lot.

CJ: I honestly feel like that's just a part of football, to be honest with you. Any quarterback will try to get the defense to jump. The cadence is something you did see and it's my job as a defensive end just to hold that.

Q: Is that normal part of your practice during the week?

CJ: That's just football 101. Like I said, the quarterback is going to try to draw you offside. Being a pass rusher or being a defensive lineman, that's when we have to be more aware of the certain situations or when it could happen in the game.

Q: With as many bubble screens as Peyton Manning throws, you can be in the pass lane for those. Do you anticipate that? Do you just play the play and react? Is there any indicator that that's coming?

CJ: The biggest thing is just being, like you said, reacting – playing the play and reacting. They have a good offense. They have a lot of weapons. You just have to eliminate certain players. That screen is something you would react off of.

Q: There's a new left tackle for the Broncos since you played them. What do you see in the newest starter in terms of what he poses challenge-wise for you?

CJ: My biggest thing is really doing my job, no matter who is out there. If it was [Ryan] Clady or if it was [Chris] Clark, whoever was out there, my biggest job is to get pressure on Peyton Manning and that's what I'll try to do.

Q: How is it different and how is it the same preparing for him a second time?

CJ: Peyton Manning is a very smart quarterback. We just spoke about him with his long cadence. His knowledge of the game – when you play [against] someone like that, everyone has to be sound, everyone has to be in position and everyone has to do their job.

Q: Is it different from when you prepared for him a couple weeks ago?

CJ: I'm sure there will be certain things that you see on film that have changed that maybe you would prepare for, correct.

Q: Last time, Knowshon Moreno had 224 yards rushing. As a pass rusher, how do you balance that in terms of getting up field quickly but also be cognizant of their running attack?

CJ: You just have to be sound. Like you were saying, me being a pass rusher, you just can't think pass every play. Playing the sport of football there's going to be run plays, there's going to pass plays, there's going to be screens. Our biggest thing is just being sound and being aware and being able to react to what you see.

Q: Are you going to be nervous at all? Or tight?

CJ: No, I feel like when you're tight and you're too nervous that's when you get out of your comfort zone. I would say this is probably one of the biggest games I've played in. But I'm excited, I'm very excited.

Q: How do you avoid that? Is there a way to avoid it?

CJ: Definitely just not ramping up too soon. You don't want to peak too soon. Leading up to the game, even the music you listen to, to be honest, that's how I am. Leading up to the game, a lot of calm music, a lot of relaxing music. The closer you get to the game, maybe you might throw some head banging music in there. Yeah, just not peaking too soon. That's the biggest thing.

Q: Considering you weren't able to have the role you wanted last year in the game, how much can you relish being healthy this year?

CJ: I owe it all to God, to be honest with you. My durability and health this season, like you said last year I didn't have the opportunity to play. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to play in this championship game and hopefully I can make up for it.

Q: Are you clear what a neutral zone violation is versus encroachment?

CJ: Yeah. When you have a neutral zone violation, that's when you actually cross into the line. Encroachment, that means you can flinch and the offensive lineman can reach across to touch you.

Q: So it's when they touch you?

CJ: Correct.

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