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Cleveland Browns Postgame Quotes 10/16

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and select players comment on their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, October 16, 2022.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 16, 2022

Opening statement:

"Injury front, (G) Wyatt Teller has a calf injury. He will get an MRI on that.

"Got beat. It is frustrating, disappointing and all of those things, but we are going to regroup, learn from it and move on to a big game next week. That is kind of how we are going to approach it. Again, very disappointing. We got beat and they did a good job, and we also just beat ourselves a few times too many."

On QB Jacoby Brissett throwing two interceptions:

"As you know, we put a huge premium on trying to win that turnover battle week in and week out. We have to take care of the rock on the offensive side. We have to take it away on the defensive side. We just didn't do either. We had a giveaway on punt team, as well. You are not going to win games with that type of turnover margin, as everybody knows. Jacoby understands you have to take care of the ball, and it is as simple as that."

On running the QB sneak on fourth-and-1 in a hurry-up offense rather than after huddling:

"We have done both honestly. We have done something similar to that. We have also huddled to your point. They stopped us."

On the Browns defense's coverage today against the Patriots skill players:

"They made their plays. In the back end, I know our corners were battling. They won a few times in coverage. Obviously, we put a lot on the corners today. They had their fair share of plays that they got us, but I have faith in those guys to go win."

On the challenge getting RB Nick Chubb into a rhythm in the running game:

"Obviously, credit to them. We just didn't get enough going early. Didn't get enough of seams in the run game for Nick or (RB) Kareem (Hunt). Ultimately, that is on me to figure out a way to get those guys going."

On the Browns using empty sets more than previous games:

"There were a few opportunities we thought we could have. That is something we have done before versus them with some success. Obviously, knew that they would have a counter move to that. Again, I have to give those guys better plays."

On emphasizing tackling this week in practice and then having multiple missed tackles in today's game:

"The bottom line is you pour everything you got each week into this thing – that is the truth. We are going to do that again this week. We are going to pour everything we have into it."

On if the Browns will consider a QB change following Brissett's INTs in recent weeks:


On if the Browns could make significant personnel, scheme or other changes after consecutive losses:

"I think you look at all of those type of things week in and week out if there is something that you want to do to help the team. The bottom line is we just have to go put a plan together, put the guys in position, make plays and those type of things. I don't want to minimize this game because this hurts and it is frustrating, but we have to go put a plan together next week versus Baltimore."

On if 12 carries for Chubb in today's 'feels like enough':

"No. Obviously, you never go into a game wanting Nick to get 12 carries. I think we didn't stay on the field enough. We had a turnover on downs and too many third-and-longs where you can't stay on the field and possess the ball and give the run game that opportunity."

On TE Pharaoh Brown being targeted early in three TE sets:

"Pharaoh, now being here for a couple of weeks, just felt like there were some opportunities in that package – run and pass. Could be something similar moving forward or might not be – really game to game."

On Brissett being unable to connect on a few deep attempts:

"First, you have to look at it, I would tell you. I do think there were some opportunities, but ultimately, we have to get him going with some throws. Versus some man coverage, we have to do a better job of getting some guys open. Like anything, it is a play here, it is a play there or it is an adjustment that we make. The first thing I would do is just give them credit."

On if he 'is saying it was closer than the results' show in today's game, given comments about crediting the Patriots and needing to correct mistakes on the Browns' side:

"No, I am not saying that. No. I am saying credit to them. We got beat. Every which way you want to say it, we got beat – offense, defense, special teams and coaching. I just know this, we have a big game next week, and we are going to pour everything we have into that big game."

On DE Myles Garrett appearing to be hurt near the end of the game:

"He just I think banged the shoulder, but I believe he will be OK."

On if there are clear answers now before reviewing the film about the lack of production from the Browns offense, defense and special teams today:

"No, I don't have a ton of answers right this moment. I know I believe in the people in that locker room. I really do. I have seen it. We just have to focus on one game at a time. I understand what that looked like. I understand that we got beat. That is what it looked like. That is what it felt like. I get it, and it is frustrating, but we have to move on to the next one."

On if the Browns planned to go for a two-point conversion and the onside kick prior to the TD in the fourth quarter:

"It was. Yes."

On the onside kick being initially recovered by S Ronnie Harrison Jr. but then being overturned due to illegal touching by CB A.J. Green, and if it is too much to ask Green to not touch the ball in that situation:

"Listen, the effort is there. I didn't see all of the replays. You are hoping that they rule that Ronnie possessed it before then. You would hope if it is close they stay with the call on the field, but I didn't see all of them so I am not exactly sure what it looked like. A.J. is trying to make a play."

On if the Patriots showed any unexpected looks today:

"No, again, credit to them. They kind of do what they do. We just didn't do enough across the board – coaching and players, we just didn't do enough."

On if the Browns considered challenging the ruling on the spot of Brissett's QB sneak on fourth-and-1:

"We did, but it is hard to overturn those spots."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 16, 2022

On if today looked like a 'vintage [Patriots Head Coach Bill] Belichick defensive effort':

"For sure. They came out, had a good plan versus us and they beat us."

On the interceptions this week:

"Just not good enough. Making bad decisions with the ball. I will be better from that for sure. Just going back, watch the tape and move on."

On if he initially believed the Browns converted the QB sneak on fourth-and-1 early in the game:

"I thought I did, but they said I didn't so I can't really sulk about that."

On the first interception and if he believed he had TE Pharaoh Brown open earlier and threw the pass later than wanted:

"No, I was rolling out and wanted to give him a chance. It probably wasn't the right decision at the time just based on the timing of the game. Just a poor decision."

On Browns players in the locker room saying he addressed the team postgame and if he can share that message:

"That will stay in the locker room, but we are moving on and getting ready for our next opponent."

On the second interception:

"Another bad decision."

On if it feels like the Browns are beating themselves with recurring mistakes in recent weeks:

"I think that is the main thing, yeah. We are beating ourselves. That is the challenge for us is to get out of our own way. I think we have the right people in the locker room to do that. Just hone in on our details, fundamentals and technique, and for my sake, decision making, as well. Just take it one play at a time, and those will take care of themselves."

On the Patriots plan was to stop the Browns running game and RB Nick Chubb:

"I definitely think that was on their plan to limit our run game. Hats off to them. They had a good plan for us They executed their plan and came out with a win. We get to go back and try again next week."

On today appearing to be a collective team loss based off of the performance of the Browns offense, defense and special teams:

"We win together; we lose together. I felt like everybody had their handprint on this one, including myself in a big way. I think we have to go back and start from scratch – not start from scratch but start from our basic fundamentals and technique, and those things will take care of themselves."

On what led to his interceptions and the decisions in those circumstances, given he is known to be strong in protecting the football:

"I don't know. I have to go back and watch, be very critical of myself and make the corrections from there."

On if the ball simply came out of his hands on the fumble in the second half or if his arm was hit on while throwing the ball:

"I was throwing it, then I pulled it down as like and I thought I like (motions hand moving down)."

On completing only the first six games of the regular season and if the next two weeks at Baltimore and vs. Cincinnati seem like the most critical part of the season:

"For sure, this week is the most important week of the season – it is all we have. It is going to take complete focus and commitment from this group, and I think that is what we will get."

On the Ravens and Bengals owning 3-3 records and if that gives the Browns some optimism that the AFC North race is still in reach:

"Not looking at records. Just taking it one day at a time and then we will see where we are at the end. Not looking at anybody else, just worrying about us. and getting back to focusing on us and taking care of us."

On if he remains confident in himself after today's game, given earlier this week he stated he has not lost any confidence or trust in himself this season:

"For sure, not a question."

On facing Belichick for the first time as a starting QB in his career and if there is an extra element to playing his former head coach:

"You definitely can't go beat yourself – that is for sure – and I think that we probably beat ourselves more than they beat us. Granted they had a good plan, but I definitely think it started with us. Like I said, I take full responsibility with the start of the game, and that is beating ourselves. Just have to get out of our way and then take it one play at a time, one step at a time and one day at a time."

On if he was able to move past the early interception:

"For sure. I was way past it after."

On stating he believes in the Browns locker room and the current mental state of the team after three consecutive losses:

"I think guys have until tomorrow to really see the mindset that they bring. I think the guys are going to bring the right mindset and the right fight. Guys are still out there fighting. You have (DE) Myles (Garrett) right there who is battling and putting the team first. That is what it is going to take: putting the team first. That is what is important right now is just taking care of each other and taking care of the team. I think that is the mindset going forward."

On his role as QB to help make sure the team keeps focused on the task at hand following three consecutive losses:

"Show up tomorrow ready to work, being critical of myself and taking responsibility for my mistakes. I think that is where it starts at the quarterback position and then leading the charge going forward and letting the guys feel that from me that it is more to come and it is better to come. Showing them the 100 percent commitment, focus and confidence that I have in not only myself but the group that we have. I think we will be OK."

On G Wyatt Teller sustaining a calf injury in the first quarter:

"It is tough to lose anybody. Obviously, Wyatt provides… He is a beast. I think (G) Hjalte (Froholdt) came in and did a great job. I think that is what this team is about. It is the next man up. That is what it is going to take going forward is everybody's 100 percent. That is one example of guys who are totally committed to this. I am sure more guys are going to be able to do the same. Ready for this challenge."

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying the team will not consider a QB change:

"I was not worried about it in the first place."

S Grant Delpit

On today's loss and how to improve:

"They beat us up and down the field. We have to be better with our practice and play by play in the game."

On if the Browns need to make significant changes:

"No, I think it is the little things like (QB) Jacoby (Brissett) and (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski said. We need to pay attention to details, and it transforms over."

On Patriots TE Hunter Henry's long TD and if he was trying to jam Henry at the line of scrimmage:

"I slipped and fell and can't let that up. It is third-and-1 so it is a high percentage run situation, and the Patriots schemed it up and slow released him. I slipped and fell and gave up the touchdown."

On Patriots QB Bailey Zappe's performance today:

"He completed passes he needed to complete. The offense made plays for him. We left guys open, and he stepped up. It is the NFL so it is the next guy up."

DE Myles Garrett

On his shoulder feels:

"It could be better. I have been dealing with it since the [one-car] accident and trying to manage it and be in the best position to play come Sunday. Certain falls and tackles are going to aggravate it and make it worse. At the end of the day, I want to win. This whole team wants to win, and I am always going to put them first. I am always going to go out there and try my very best, no matter what is ailing me or how bad I am hurting or aching. I am going to put my guys first, and we are going to go out there and play our best ball. I played today, and I will be playing next week."

On the Browns losing three consecutive games despite having talent on the roster:

"It is hard for me to answer that. I think we all have to come together tomorrow to come back with that answer. Look in the mirror, not only at yourself, but in the film and look at your position. You can't be scared to tell your teammates what is and what isn't. We have to be able to call a man out and not be afraid to be called out yourself. At the end of the day, there are a lot of mistakes going on on the field – a lot of big plays, downs and first downs – and it is killing us. We are getting ourselves behind, and we are taking ourselves out of ball games that we have a chance to win. We just have to hold each other accountable."

On if a lot of the lack of production in the past three losses is the result of the Browns beating themselves with mistakes:

"A lot of it. A lot of it is us beating ourselves. Credit to those teams because they go out there and make those plays to win the game, but we put ourselves behind the sticks and out of position more times than we really should, and they are capitalizing on those mistakes that we are making. At the end of the day, if we are making those plays we are supposed to, then they won't get those big plays."

On QB Jacoby Brissett taking accountability and a leadership role in the Browns locker room:

"The man loves football. It is his team. He loves being here, and he wants to win. It means a lot to him, which really speaks to me. It is early on in the season and we aren't where we are supposed to be, but it means a lot to him. It means enough for him to step up there and talk to us as teammates, the coaches, the other staff and everyone involved. It is a team effort. Everyone in this organization has to be on the same page and have to have a desire to correct things and win."

On if the Browns have what it takes to turn things around ahead of the Ravens game:

"I'm not thinking that anyone is going to back down from the Ravens or any other team. I don't think anyone in that locker room is going to roll over and lay down for any team that comes our way. It isn't hard to learn from wins, but each loss, you have to go look within yourself and look at your teammates and really see what is going wrong. If we execute, the score will take care of itself."

On if Brissett is putting too much of the responsibility of losses on himself:

"No, that is what he should do. At the end of the day, I put it on myself for the defense not playing well. I am sure if you ask every man in that locker room, he would think that there were one or two plays that he could have changed to win the game. Jacoby feels the same. I feel the same. Special teams feels the same. It is a collective effort, but individually, we all have a couple that we want to get back. It falls on all of our shoulders, but I feel like mine especially. I am supposed to be the star player on defense, and I have to make more plays."

On if breaking the Browns single-season sack record registered with him during the game:

"It comes with a loss. It is nice to be recognized and honored, but at the end of the day, winners are remembered, and we aren't winning. I can have all of the individual records I want and that will come and go, but winners are in the hearts of people forever, especially in this town, so we have to turn this around."

RB Kareem Hunt

On losing in front of the home crowd:

"It is awful. It is terrible. You definitely don't want to see that and want to protect that home field."

On frustration with the Browns' lack of production in the run game today:

"It is very difficult. We need everybody to be on the same page from the offensive line to the quarterback and the running backs. I know we could have figured it out and found a way to still run the ball."

On turnovers by QB Jacoby Brissett today:

"It is tough, but we still have to find a way to rally behind him and take some of that pressure off of him. It is part of the game, and he is not going to be perfect."

On how critical the next two games are facing the Ravens and Bengals in back-to-back AFC North contests:

"Yeah, they are critical. They are division opponents, and we need to win those games if we want to win the division. We have to forget this game and get ready for next week."

S John Johnson III

On how to move on after three consecutive losses:

"We have to watch the tape and move on quickly because we have a division game on the road, and those are the ones that matter."

On the Patriots making game-changing plays:

"It is just like a team thing. We play a game all about momentum, and when you have it, you have to keep it. They did a great job with that, and that is just something that we have to understand as a team and get better at."

On frustrations with having to address common issues on defense following recent losses:

"We definitely want to win, and it doesn't matter if we give up 500 yards as long as we win. It is definitely getting frustrating to have to keep talking about losses."

On if the Browns are confident they can turn things around moving forward:

"100 percent. We just have to go out and do it. These division games are super important. We are 1-0 right now [in the division], and we have an opportunity to make that 2-0 on Sunday."

On how to resolve communication and tackling issues on defense:

"They are going to make plays. They get paid, too. It was better today. We just have to do our jobs a little bit better, and the score didn't reflect how we played that game."

LB Jacob Phillips

On the Browns locker room remaining confident after tough losses:

"I think the confidence comes from the people that we have in the room and in the building. I think that everything that we have within the organization, starting with the owners, the GMs and the coaches, we have given ourselves a chance to have a winning team. Despite the losses, we still have a fighting chance so the confidence will always be there."

On facing top-level NFL QBs in the stretch of upcoming games:

"Obviously, a quarterback can make a team go round and we have some top quarterbacks coming up, but we have guys at every level who can make plays. That is what it is going to take, and we are going to have to play as a team and sooner or later the success will follow."

On disappointment after a third consecutive loss:

"It is the third one in a row. Coming into the season, you have high expectations as a team, and these losses hurt especially when they are at home. We have to move on, get ready and prepare for next week. All week, you expect to win, and when you show up to the stadium on Sundays, you expect to win. It is definitely disappointing to lose, and especially when you lose at home, that is a tough pill to swallow."

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

On the biggest challenges with missed tackles and communication issues on defense:

"I think you listed the things we need to work on. Again, those are the things we need to fix and go back to the fundamentals and basics. We need to stick together more as a team and make sure we go 100 percent on the things we do and not make any mistakes. I had a mistake today that caused a big play with the tight end down the seam."

On if there is added pressure after three consecutive losses to make corrections in practice:

"Yeah, there is good pressure and bad pressure. I think this is a great opportunity for us to show how to bounce back and how to execute these next 10 games. Make sure we get those right, and we will be alright."

On if the Browns defense remains confidence in its scheme and coaching staff:

"Yeah, absolutely. We just have to do what the coaches ask us to do. They have their responsibility and we have ours, and once we combine them and make them 100 percent, we will be good."

CB Greedy Williams

On if he expected to have help on the Patriots TD:

"No, I just have to do better in coverage, jam him out and get him out of the route. That one was on me."

On how the Browns bounce back after three consecutive losses:

"We have to find a way in practice. No matter what, we have to find a way and translate that to the game."

On the commitment to stopping the run this week:

"We have to stop everything. We are the defense. That is what we are built for."

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