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Colts Post-Game Quotes

Brandon Stokely, Wide Receiver(On game plan) We knew what we needed to do, we were able to move the ball, but we just weren’t able to finish things off like we did the last two games.

*Brandon Stokely, Wide Receiver(On game plan) *

We knew what we needed to do, we were able to move the ball, but we just weren't able to finish things off like we did the last two games. We knew it was going to be a tough match, their defense is a very good defense, we knew we had to execute and not make mistakes. We didn't do that very well and they did a great job of it.
(On not winning)
We had a good season, we just didn't reach our final goal. Every teams goal is to reach the super bowl and only one team can do it.
(On defensive coverage)
When we had two receiver bunch formations, they would have two guys on both of us and it made it hard to get off the ball and do the things we're used to doing. We started running the ball really well, but then we got behind and we started making mistakes and you get behind second/third and long and you have to throw against that and it makes it tough.
(On Patriots not letting up)
We knew we could make plays on them, but we just didn't execute the way that we wanted. We left plays out there, but you have to tip your hat to them, they played a great game.
(How much of result was Patriots defense or Colts offense not executing?)
I think it was both. They played great and we didn't execute.
(On Patriots giving up yards, but not touchdowns)
They buckle down and make plays and that's what good defensive teams do.

Rob Morris, Linebacker(On Pat's ability to run the ball)

I know we had a few mistakes on our gaps and assignments. It's the same story. We just had those break downs and that gave them some big plays.

(On being disappointed)
It's tough! We came a long way. I guess the hardest thing is I think a lot of teams that haven't been there would say that's ok. But our goal was to get to the Super Bowl and win, so its disappointing that we didn't get that.

(On November loss at home)
We realize had we taken care of business then, it may have made things easier. They played well and we didn't and obviously that showed in the final score.

Jeff Saturday, Center(On Pat's defense)

They played great team defense. Nothing special about there defensive line, just all solid players. It's just there whole defense and they are extremely well coached. Scheming wasn't an issue, weather wasn't an issue, crowd noise wasn't an issue, we play with that all year. They are just a good team that beat us.

Marcus Pollard, Tight End(On losing)

The Super Bowl is the ultimate goal and only one team gets to go. They had a great game plan and they have a great coach. We had too many turnovers.

(On referees)
I won't comment on that. I don't want to get a fine. It wasn't New England's fault, they made the plays and they should go out and have a good game at the Super Bowl.

(On team)
We have a great owner and a good team, it is all about each other.

(On Patriots stopping Peyton again)
Peyton is probably taking it hard that New England is still his nemesis. They have a great team and got up for the game. They have a great defense with a lot of veterans. They didn't do anything different, they just made the plays.

(On not winning)
There's only going to be one real happy team by the end of the year; we'd like to be the happy team but unfortunately it didn't work out for us. We played a great New England team tonight – they just came out and had a great game tonight against us.

(What did the Patriots do?)

They just had a great game plan. They jammed us. They forced us to do stuff we hadn't done all year –turning balls over, caused fumbles and just played a great defensive game.

(How much they did was different from last time?)

Not much. They're well coached, they're disciplined. They came out and took it to us. They had us scrambling, we tried to play catch up. We moved the ball, had some success moving the ball, but we turned it over at the wrong time, and didn't protect as well as we've been doing in the past. Combination of those things are going to cause you to loose against a great team like that.

(How frustrating was it for you guys to get held like that – Some of the replays it was pretty clear.)

Yeah, I don't want to comment on that cause I don't want the commission fining me about the referees. It's not New England's fault – it's another beings fault. Those guys did what they had to do. They didn't get called for it. Keep doing it. Hats off to them.

(How frustrating is it?)

It's frustrating. You try to work as hard as you can and the … lands for holding. That guy lands for everything. It didn't get called tonight. I've been taught since I've grown up that you've got to win in spite of. And, tonight was one of the opportunities we should have won in spite of. But You've just got to come out and don't turn it over, make big plays when you have to and we would have had our chances.

I cannot describe my disappointment because we got a great football team here. We're well-coached, outstanding owner – I think we had all the ingredients to win a SUPERBOWL this year. It didn't work out for us. As I said earlier, there's only one happy team and we're not that team this year.

(On Peyton Manning)

It's a team game. When he struggles – he hasn't struggled like he had today in quite a while – and we were over there pepping him up, and if the situation was us, he would do the same for us. It's a team sport, it's a team game and we're all about each other.

I haven't seen him since we got back in the locker room, but I'm sure he's taking it pretty hard. The naysayers out there say he can't win a big game, can't win in cold weather …

Tarik Glenn, T

They did a good job finding a way to get to the quarterback.

I'm sure when its all said and done and we look back at what we accomplished we'll see some positives. We will definitely use it as momentum going into next year. Not winning a playoff game since I've been here seven years, two playoff games …we accomplished some things, but we didn't accomplish our goal which was winning a championship and that's what's disappointing.

I'm just upset right now. We were close and we just didn't get there. I can't even think about next year right now. I'm still just dwelling on the fact that we were so close and we came up short.

(On Peyton)

I just know that as an offense we weren't doing things we needed to do in order to give our team a chance. Can't really pin it on one guy. Everyone had a part in it. We just didn't do the job that we came to do.

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