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Devin McCourty Conference Call Transcript - 9/5/2012

Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty addresses the Tennessee media during his conference call on Wednesday, September 5, 2012.


(on if he remembers his twin brother Jason McCourty winning the basketball games played between them)

I think with (Jason McCourty), I think he's had a concussion. He probably forgets that I won most of those battles. We don't remember many of the scores, but we just know he usually left angry.

(on how much he's looking forward to playing his brother)

This should be exciting. We've gone against each other in different basketball games and things like that, but really never been at each other or on opposing teams. We've always played together. It will be kind of cool to watch each other in live action, really rooting against each other.

(on if he considered declaring for the 2009 NFL Draft with Jason McCourty)

I never thought about it. When I redshirted, we always said there would be a time when we'd separate. I'm not going to lie, at first it was a little difficult. It was different not having him and not having a lot of my friends that I had come in with together. So it was a different year, but it was pretty cool just to watch him and see him out there keep his own that year as a rookie.

(on if he got bragging rights for going in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft)

It was cool. He got to watch me and be with me through that whole episode. It was pretty cool.

(on who his mother will be cheering for on Sunday)

Supposedly she has a half-and-half jersey. She says she's going to root for both teams. But I kind of think since it's in Tennessee, she still might root for the Patriots. She'll tell (Jason McCourty) she's rooting for him since she's staying at his house.

(on how much he thinks Jason McCourty took away from experiencing the Super Bowl with him)

I don't know. I think most of the time he was just there having fun. Hopefully he didn't try to sneak into my game plan book or anything and try to get some notes. I think he was probably doing a lot of watching film and stuff like that just knowing him.

(on how similar their playing styles are)

I thought we were a little similar. Every offensive guy keeps coming up to me, telling me we look exactly alike on the field from the way we jog, move, everything. I'm guessing we're a little more similar than I thought.

(on who is faster of the two)

(Jason McCourty) is going to say him because his pro day time is faster. If we go back to the last 40 he ran at Rutgers and the last 40 I ran at Rutgers, I ran a 4.31, he ran a 4.32.

(on if they ever race each other)

No, we haven't done that probably since we were kids.

(on when they get competitive)

Growing up it was always video games and pick-up basketball. I would probably say now it comes in the weight room if we're training together in the offseason, different activities we do in the weight room. I'd say that's when we get the most competitive with trying to challenge each other.

(on who can bench more in the weight room)

I don't know. We haven't tested that, but usually it's me. I'd probably say it's still me. I'm usually stronger than him in the weight room.

(on if they have a side bet on this game)

No, I actually told him to lose my number this week. No side bets, no anything else. I'll see and talk to him on Sunday when we get out on the field.

(on if there is family pride on the line this Sunday)

I'd say each one of us is trying to stake a claim for who the family should root for more throughout the season. I think he's felt a little edged out with him just seeing us be in the playoffs my first three years with him coming and rooting on with the family. He's probably trying to make sure he gets a win.

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