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Draft Prospect Notes: Wide Receivers

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Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
A.J. Green Georgia 6-4 211 4.48
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great hands. Very good FB speed. Goes after ball and makes plays. Good athlete, RAC. Elite talent. [Erik Scalavino] Naturally sticky hands; separates from defenses; uses body well to shield on jump balls; changes direction quickly. [Paul Perillo*] Excellent athlete with great hands; Great YAC; Strong over middle; Fights for ball in traffic; Elite.

Julio Jones Alabama 6-3 220 4.34
Notes:[Andy Hart] Tough and physical. Not real fluid. Avg hands. Can make highlight plays. Doesn't play to 40. [Erik Scalavino] Athletic, natural playmaker; not quite as "football fast" as Green. [Paul Perillo*] Good, strong hands; Playmaker; Shows ability to beat press coverage; Did well against LSU CB Patrick Peterson; Not as fast as 40; Solid.

Torrey Smith Maryland 6-1 205 4.41
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big play guy. Tough. Fights for ball. Decent burst. Adjusts to football. Elite hands?. [Erik Scalavino] Can out-jump any defender; lightning fast; fights for the ball. [Paul Perillo*] Big-time playmaker; Explosive on KR as well; Fights for jump ball; Tough and fast; Adjust to ball well.

Leonard Hankerson Miami 6-1 209 4.40
Notes:[Andy Hart] Doesn't play to 40. Big catches, but elite hands? Not very quick. Good size. [Erik Scalavino] Aggressive with his body; fundamentally solid. [Paul Perillo] Works middle well; Not a burner; Adjusts well while ball is in air but has occasional lapses catching the ball; Size and athleticism makes him intriguing.

Randall Cobb Kentucky 5-10 191 4.46
Notes:[Andy Hart] Versatile. Slot guy. Quicker than fast. Soft hands. Good route runner. Breaks tackles. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile Wildcat (lefty passer) can also run; elusive; good football speed; catches with hands. [Paul Perillo*] Extremely versatile; Strong runner with great quickness; Wildcat QB; Could be valuable slot receiver.

Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Terrance Toliver LSU 6-3 212 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] More talent than his college production. Good size. Decent speed, quickness and RAC. Nice burst, hands.. [Erik Scalavino] Very raw talent; a project at the next level. [Paul Perillo] Great size; Good speed; Not explosive but has big-play potential; Held back by poor QB play at LSU; Could be a sleeper.
Jerrel Jernigan Troy 5-9 190 4.34
Notes:[Andy Hart] Insert Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile KR/PR; Wildcat; slot receiver or Steve Smith (Carolina)-type. [Paul Perillo] Small and fast; KR/PR ability; Good body control; Great YAC; Hits seam and is gone; Definite big-play ability.
Denarius Moore Tennessee 6-0 194 4.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Soft, confident hands. Good routes. Adjusts to ball. Not great/bad at anything. Upside. [Erik Scalavino] Can get behind the coverage; not great hands, but adjusts to bad passes well; has potential. [Paul Perillo] Good size, speed; Good concentration; fights for ball; YAC.
Titus Young Boise State 5-11 174 4.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not elite hands. Sneaky off the line. Gets down the field. Route running? Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Playmaker; not the biggest, but plays big. [Paul Perillo] Can get deep consistently; Real quick and elusive; Used as a runner as well; Average hands.
Niles Paul Nebraska 6-1 224 4.45
Notes:[Andy Hart] Built like RB. Stocky. Tweener type. Too many drops. Character issues. [Erik Scalavino] Tough to bring down; extends for bad passes; can return kicks. [Paul Perillo] Good speed, big-play ability as both WR and KR; Works back to ball well; Good hands but has lapses in concentration.
Jon Baldwin Pittsburgh 6-4 228 4.49
Notes:[Andy Hart] Loose with ball at times. Not quick. Great size -- for a TE, which he may end up. [Erik Scalavino] Uses hands to catch (good) but doesn't protect the ball enough (bad). [Paul Perillo] Long strides; Good hands catcher; Appeared slow and awkward at times; More of a TE.
Greg Little North Carolina 6-2 220 4.56
Notes:No Footage Available.
Tandon Doss Indiana 6-3 200 4.56
Notes:No Footage Available.
Armon Binns Cincinnati 6-3 209 4.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] High points ball. Uses hands well. Adjusts to throws. Highlight catches. Not elite speed or quickness. [Erik Scalavino] Adjusts well to the ball; catches with hands; not afraid going over the middle. [Paul Perillo] Good size; Strong hands; Adjusts well; Not a burner; Tough; Comes back for ball well; Works well in traffic.
Austin Pettis Boise State 6-3 210 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good hands. Loose with ball at times. Not ton of seperation but makes catches. Great production. [Erik Scalavino] Slot receiver; not great speed, but uses size to his advantage. [Paul Perillo] Tall and lanky but works slot; Good hands; Elusive in open field; Works middle well; Finds ways to get open despite average speed.
Jeremy Kerley TCU 5-9 189 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Quick and shifty. Raw route runner. Body catches at times. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile KR/PR and Wildcat. [Paul Perillo] Big-play threat as WR and KR/PR; Excellent YAC potential; Quick but uses body to catch too much.
Lestar Jean Florida Atlantic 6-3 215 4.61
Notes:[Andy Hart] Inconsistent hands, but highlight catches. Not elite speed. Slow off line. Body catches at times. [Erik Scalavino] Great hands; size/speed combo; knack for deep plays. [Paul Perillo] Great size; Lots of big plays; Some acrobatic catches; Gets deep despite average speed; Had a strong game against Texas; Gets open.
Ronald Johnson USC 5-11 199 4.46
Notes:[Andy Hart] Goes over middle. Quicker than fast. Branch-like, but bigger. Not elite speed or big play ability. Squirty. [Erik Scalavino] Solid overall; potential playmaker in the slot, but often hurt. [Paul Perillo] Possession receiver; Uses body well in traffic; Productive over the middle; Tough runner; Gets open.
Dwayne Harris East Carolina 5-10 203 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not elite speed or quickness. OK Athlete. Return option. Fumble issues. [Erik Scalavino] NoComments. [Paul Perillo] Good runner though not overly fast; Small and quick; Decent return option.
Vincent Brown San Diego State 5-11 187 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] Lot slants and crossing stuff. West Coast guy? Quicker than fast. Goes after ball, but nothing special.. [Erik Scalavino] Average all around; doesn't "wow," but gets the job done. [Paul Perillo] Dynamic playmaker; Great game against TCU; Not polished but could find a niche in right system ... as Andy mentioned -- West Coast?
Cecil Shorts III Mount Union 6-0 205 4.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] Goes up for ball and uses hands well. Great production, but doesn't flash on lower level field. Elite game speed? [Erik Scalavino] Decent route-runner who can return kicks, too; serviceable receiver. [Paul Perillo] Shifty KR; Nice body control; Body catches too often; Not elite athlete despite Div. III competition.
Matt Szczur Villanova 5-11 205 4.46
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jordan White Western Michigan 6-0 212 4.54
Notes:No Footage Available.
Greg Salas Hawaii 6-1 210 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Lot of slot work, built like Tweener. Catches ball out from with hands. Raw routes?. [Erik Scalavino] Good size/speed combo; doesn't shy from contact. [Paul Perillo] Good size/hands; Makes catches in traffic; Works slot; Not real fast.
Ryan Whalen Stanford 6-1 205 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Tough, scrappy, goes over middle. Not real quick. Avg hands. [Erik Scalavino] Precise route-runner, good technique; very workmanlike. [Paul Perillo] Not real shifty but gets open; Good hands; Possession type; Makes plays despite lack of speed/quickness.
Darvin Adams Auburn 6-3 185 4.52
Notes:No Footage Available.
Edmund Gates Abilene Christian 6-0 190 4.43
Notes:No Footage Available.
DeAndre Brown Southern Miss 6-5 233 4.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not overly quick or fast. High points ball. Great size. Only OK athlete, hands. . [Erik Scalavino] Not game-breaking speed, but great size, which he uses fearlessly over the middle; difficult to tackle. [Paul Perillo] Tall and Lanky; Not real fast; Good hands; High points ball; Not great YAC; Jumps too much to make catch.
Tori Gurley South Carolina 6-4 216 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big and slow, almost a TE. 0 drops last year. Good hands, but body catches at times. Possession guy. [Erik Scalavino] . [Paul Perillo] More of a TE; Lacks speed; Strong; Great hands; Can go over middle but is slow coming out of breaks; Another possession type.
Aldrick Robinson Southern Methodist 5-10 182 4.35
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big play guy. Awkward hands on short throws. Undersized deep threat who didn't run lot of routes. [Erik Scalavino] Raw talent. [Paul Perillo] Good hands; Good speed; Gets deep; Big-play threat every time he's on field; Didn't see much more than deep balls.
Jock Sanders West Virginia 5-7 180 4.43
Notes:No Footage Available.
Mark Dell Michigan State 6-1 200 4.54
Notes:No Footage Available.
Courtney Smith South Alabama 6-4 228 4.58
Notes:No Footage Available.
Dane Sanzenbacher Ohio State 5-11 182 4.58
Notes:No Footage Available.
James Cleveland Houston 6-1 205 4.57
Notes:No Footage Available.
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa 6-0 200 4.52
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jamel Hamler Fresno State 6-2 195 4.60
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jeff Maehl Oregon 6-0 190 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Fastest Combine 3-cone drill since 2000. Gamer. Quick. Smart. Ugly playmaker. Only avg. hands. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments [Paul Perillo*] Competitor; Fights for ball in traffic; Pretty athletic; Uses hands well; Strong; 3 TDs against USC; Makes plays.

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