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Eagles Postgame Quotes - 8/22/2008

Philadelphia Eagles players comment on their 27-17 win over the New England Patriots in preseason play at Gillette Stadium on Friday, August 22, 2008.

Donovan McNabb, Quarterback
*(On how the game went tonight)
*"Well we thought the weather was really nice. The lights were pretty bright. The fans were excited. It was a great opportunity for us to bounce back after last week [vs. Panthers]. Last week, we had a lot of key mistakes. There were dropped balls, miscues and some miscommunication. It is easy to sit and blame the weather but I thought this week we were able to come out and play our style of football with being able to establish the run and play-action pass. We were able to move the ball consistently."

*(On where he feels his progress is if this is his last preseason game this season)
*"I feel very comfortable with the guys and where we are at right now. I thought in training camp that we were all on the same page and we continue to get better each day. I think where we are at right now shows a lot of progress."

Asante Samuel, Cornerback*(On coming back to Foxborough)
*"The first initial feeling when I came out on the field, I wasn't really thinking about it. I went over to see some of the guys and say hello."

*(On getting a hit on Randy Moss)
*"It was fun. I have something to call him and joke about with him. I'll tell him he doesn't have any moves on me."

*(On the reception from the fans)
*"It was all good. They love me; they hate me. They miss me, but I'm not playing for them anymore, so they hate me."

Quintin Demps, Free Safety*(On punt return)
*"I trusted my blockers and hit the hole. I saw it forming behind the wedge and just went for it. I have to give credit to my blockers."

*(On playing defense)
*"I have a lot of work to do. I was feeling a little comfortable out there, but I have a lot of work to do at the position."

Kevin Kolb, Quarterback*(On his performance)
*"I thought it was alright. We moved the ball well but we didn't put any points on the board and that is what we are out there for. We have to do better in the red zone but we did a good job of moving the ball up and down the field."

*(On if he is ready to start the season)
*"Yes, definitely. After the last two games, and our number one offense has played well the last three games I feel everyone is pretty prepared. We will be ready to roll for St. Louis. We know it is preseason but we still want to go out and execute."

Lito Sheppard, Cornerback*(On Asante Samuel and the Eagles defense)
*"That's my homey. We have a lot of depth back there right now. We have some playmakers back there. We can do some things. We feel like we will have some opportunities. We have to play sound football and hopefully things will work in our favor. It is what you hope for in a defense, some great up front play and some playmakers in the backfield."

Brian Westbrook, Running Back*(On the regular season.)
*"I was ready to start the regular season after the first game. I think the preseason is to tune things up a little bit and then let the young guys prove themselves. We executed pretty well."

*(On his team playing the Patriots)
*"I was excited before this game about the team that we have. We just have to go out there and handle the business that we have. We know the Patriots were in the Super Bowl last year so for us it is a measuring stick of how we are doing and where we are at. We looked pretty good tonight."

DeSean Jackson, Wide Receiver*(On his performance)
*"Hard work pays off, definitely. I am getting more comfortable and more comfortable every game I play. I am just getting great opportunities. I am just out there playing comfortable. I just want to show to the fans, everybody who is watching, coaches, that I am capable of getting the job done. I am a rookie but I play very confident and I have a lot of confidence in myself. I can help this team out a lot and with the opportunities I am getting here I can make some good things happen. I have got to do the things they expect me to do and if I do that I leave them with no room to say anything."

*(On McNabb)
*"McNabb is a great quarterback. It is one of the first times in my career that I have had a great quarterback that is able to throw the ball and run the ball. I am very happy to have a quarterback like him who has confidence in me. I am just out here playing hard, leaving it all on the field and giving them all I can give them."

Shawn Andrews, Guard/Tackle*(On playing again)
*"It was an honor and a pleasure for me, for the way my teammates accepted me the way they did. It was great to be out there as a group (the offensive line). I think we meshed and I think we picked up everything. I felt stronger after I got my second wind. That is something I never believed in, but I definitely believe in it now. I felt very physical and I felt like my old self again. The thing about the offensive line position is that it's five guys working together, almost like a machine. If one part is not working well with the rest, it can be chaotic. We made up in our minds that this is still football, and we all know what we need to do, so lets do it."

*(On losing Kevin Curtis)
*"It was a devastating blow to the team losing Kevin and we just have to pick it up. We just have to continue to make it happen and tonight we did."

Hank Baskett, Wide Receiver*(On the win)
*"It says a lot about this team. It is what the wide receivers have always felt all along and what everyone has been talking about, that one big player. The coaching staff and the players themselves feel if someone goes down, they are confident the guys that go in after them can step up and make plays. It feels good to go out there and show the guys that have won the division that the other guys can step up too. We are all here to continue to work and fight hard and do whatever it takes to help this team out, like we did tonight."

LJ Smith, Tight End*(On early throws)
*"I like to get involved early. Whether it's a five-yard dunk doesn't matter. It gets your confidence going and you feel good."

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