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Jeff Fisher Post-Game Press Transcript

JF: If you have an opportunity to coach in the NFL, as I have for a number of years, you get to know a number of different teams. This team in that locker room in there is very special and they go down as one of my favorites in the last eight years.

JF: If you have an opportunity to coach in the NFL, as I have for a number of years, you get to know a number of different teams. This team in that locker room in there is very special and they go down as one of my favorites in the last eight years. Their fight, their resolve, their commitment and their effort, we couldn't ask any more from them. Tonight, they gave everything they had. The weather was a [inaudible] here and there, a penalty here and there affected the field position, I am sure [the penalties] contributed to this. But I am especially proud of those guys, what they endured, what they faced tonight and their effort. A real chance on our hands to win the ball game and we didn't. We lost to a very, very good football team. We played a very, very good team, [the game was] much closer than people anticipated. It is disappointing and as an organization and a as a football team and coaching staff we expected to win this one and we did not. I think that is where most of the disappointment lies. Congratulations to Coach Bill Belichick and his staff, Tom Brady. That football team out there that we lost to is going to be hard to be reckoned with. I didn't anticipate this [and] neither did those guys inside. A numbing feeling comes over you when you have an expectation level as high as we did and it suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Again, I cannot say more about Steve [McNair] and what he did down the stretch today especially at the end to have a chance and put us in position to kick it through or a pass for a touchdown. There were a couple of penalties that hurt us there at the end. But again, I am very, very proud of this football team. Questions?

**Q: It seemed like on that last drive New England blitzed a lot. Had that been doing that consistently during the game?

JF:** They blitzed consistently through the game. They didn't begin to blitz until we got into field goal range. [In audible] We had a chance. We only had once place to go. [In audible]

**Q: Why was Steve McNair limping?

JF:** He just rolled up on his ankle.

**Q: Tom Brady got the bulk of the yards in the first quarter. How much did you feel you had to settle down?

JF:** We settled down. The wind was a factor. They changed their play calling throughout which they should and we were probably a little more conservative and they unfortunately go to him. It was a factor. Considering was Tom has done with that offense and what the staff has done with that offense, they did a decent job. We had some opportunities to make some catches there off the ball but we didn't.

**Q: You had a couple of delay of game penalties. Were there some communication problems?

JF:** The delays, we had some checks in there and the play clock was real fast. That will be a coaching issue I am sure that we will have to look at to move the ball and do things that we did against this defense we needed a check system. [In audible]

**Q: How much was the blocked kick the high snap?

JF:** That high snap, that was one of our concerns coming in was the kicking game with the snapper and the holder and the [in audible] because of the conditions the snap had something to do with it. It took a little bit longer and Gary [Anderson] left-ed it.

**Q: How far would you have had to get to kick that field goal in the fourth quarter?

JF:** 20 for Gary and about 25 for Craig [Hentrich]

**Q: When you took the delay…

JF:** On the series before?

**Q: [On the whether the delay of game was intentional]

JF:** No, the delay was an intentional delay. That delay was an intentional delay.

**Q: Was that a 50/50 ball there at the end?

JF:** Well we were hoping for an all out blitz and go route. We were hoping for that on the fourth and eleven, fourth and twelve. That was what we were hoping for. It is very difficult to time out anything else when you get the all out blitz. We got what we wanted.

**Q: What happened on the Patriots first touchdown? Was it miscommunication?

JF:** We just didn't execute.

**Q: What was it like playing in those conditions? Was it tough moving the ball?

JF:** Something was different obviously, but the players blocked it out. Both clubs blocked it out real well. I thought that the weather was not an advantage to one team or the other. I thought both teams handled it really well.

**Q: When you got the fumble, did you think that was the turnaround?

JF:** Yeah, we did and we went for a homerun. We made a good play. We got Drew [Bennett] open and we made a good play.

**Q: Last window of opportunity?

JF:** I didn't think people felt that any one of these years that we had a window of opportunity. We make changes. There are going to be changes. Changes are a part of this game. There are going to be some players that played all year, played tonight, that probably aren't going to be here. That's just something we have to deal with. As far as the plan that we have had in place, it's been working. We've had a plan and we'll continue with it. We have a good nucleus of young players and we have a co-MVP at quarterback that is going to be here. We have a lot of positive things to ride on in the future, so I am not worried about that window closing.

**Q: The play after the fumble, was there supposed to be more?

JF:** Yeah, it was a double pass. It was a double pass.

**Q: Was this maybe the best two teams in the AFC this year?

JF:** I wouldn't go as far as to say that only because we lost to the Colts twice this year. The Colts are playing very well and I have a great respect for what Kansas City has done. Coach [Dick] Vermiel, that's going to be a great ball game. This is a difficult place to play here.

**Q: Why is this a difficult place to play?

JF:** The confidence that they have. They have a great deal of confidence in the home field advantage and this is going to be a tough place to play.

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