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JETS: Darrelle Revis Conference Call

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday,  November 18, 2009.

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Q: What did you, looking back, learn from that first time you faced Randy Moss in Week Two? What did you take out of that game?

DR: Looking at that film this week, straight up, I think - preparation-wise - I think that I had a good game plan, covering him the best way, just switching up certain things off coverage: a little bit of press, just making sure I'm giving him different looks. Just watching the past couple games they've played, they're doing different things with him now in their offense, so I'll probably have to switch my game up when I watch more film this week on him.

Q: What kinds of things are the Patriots doing now?

DR: Just putting him in more places to get him the ball. He's been in the slot a little bit more, so defensive backs can't get their hands on them. He can get a free release, and sprint down the field and [make] acrobatic catches. It's just something that the game plan this week and what we're doing, it's for me to change up my game plan a little bit on him.

Q: One of the things I remember after that game was Randy Moss was asked how you held him down and he only had four catches. I think he said, 'anyone can have help over the top and it could look good,' and I was curious to see what was your reaction when you heard that?

DR: My reaction was, basically, everyone saw the game, everybody knows I was in man coverage, that was the case. He's supposed to say that because [that day] wasn't his day, he got shut out and was frustrated about it, which is cool. I don't have anything against him. I still think he's one of the best receivers in the league. When we go up against each other, it's great competition. So, if he says that, he does, that's on him. But we play them twice a year and I have to see him just as much as he has to see me.

Q: So to kind of set the record straight, that game, were you in man-to-man the entire time? Were there some times where the safety would come over the top or was it all man-to-man?

DR: I was in man-to-man coverage.

Q: Do you enjoy this part of it? You don't seem to be shy about talking about this stuff. I know Randy, when he talks, is not shy about talking about this stuff. Do you enjoy this competition between an elite corner and an elite receiver like this?

DR: Yeah, I mean, it's good. It's good. Like I said, I'm not going to disrespect nobody about anything. If Randy beat me on a touchdown, yeah, I'll live up to it. Yeah, he beat me. He's a great receiver. I believe I'm a great corner, too. That's just how it goes. When you play against the best, you have to bring your game. You also have to give respect to the guys that you're going against. I mean, they get paid as well as I do. So there's no trying to get into a jarring match or a trash-talking match with Randy Moss. I say what I believe and that's it. You live up to it or you don't. One thing I know is I'm giving him respect, he's one of their best and it's great competition between me and him. I love it, and I'm sure he loves it, too.

Q: People say when they talk about corners that you're one of the best and you talk about giving respect. When those remarks were made after the game about safety help, did you feel like that was a lack of respect?

DR: Yeah, you can say so. But - like I said - if that's what Randy thinks about that's what he thinks. That's his mindset of what he thinks of me. I know I have to go out there and do my job, and that's plain and simple. He knows I'll be covering him and I know that. So [inaudible] knows that, and the Patriots know that, the Jets know. It's back and forth. It's back and forth, it's vice versa. Everybody knows that that's supposed to be the match up during the week. Like I said, I control my destiny and what I want to do as a player as in covering guys. I look forward to it. I play against best receivers every week, so after this game it's on to the next. So this game is to focus on Randy Moss.

Q: Just a general question about playing cornerback, in your career, the week after you give up a big touchdown or something like that. It happens to everybody, what's that like for you? How do you come back from a tough play or a tough week?

DR: One thing that, I don't know, it's very simple. As corners, you have to have a short memory. That's the thing that we are taught, to have a short memory. We know guys are going to catch balls. That's something that this league is too good. Quarterbacks are too good, they know where to place the ball, at certain times and time the routes. It's just something that, minimizing what a receiver can do and that's what I try to do. I just try to make him not catch a lot of balls. At the end of the game, the stats are what they are. They can be eight catches for 12 yards. It could be four for 50, eight for 120. It's just my job, [that] is to stop them from catching the ball. I try to take that to heart when I'm out there working. As bouncing back from a big play, yeah, you just have to have a short memory.

Q: I'm sure you've been asked it down there, we just haven't had a chance to ask up here. What was your reaction to Coach Ryan crying in that meeting and did it kind of catch you by surprise? As emotional a guy that he is, it's not very often that coaches cry in front of their teams...

DR: Yeah, I think as a whole team it caught us by surprise because we didn't see it [coming]. First, he was just talking to us, and then he just started breaking out and getting very emotional. So it just shows that he believes in us and he believes in this time. Right now, he just doesn't believe that we're putting 100 percent effort into it, and that's for him to see, and bring to us, and bring to life, and make us focus on that and make us work harder.

Q: I was just hoping you could just clear up one thing. Just going back to the first meeting between the teams, you talked about being in man coverage all game against Moss. Is it possible to be in man coverage and have safety help over the top to allow you to play more aggressively in man coverage?

DR: Say that again.

Q: Oh, man, I was hoping you wouldn't say that. When you were in that first game against Moss, you talked about playing man coverage the whole game.

DR: Right.

Q: Is it possible to have safety help over the top, while you're playing man coverage, so it sort of allows you to be more aggressive when you have the safety help rolled over the top?

DR: Do you know football?

Q: Well, that's why I'm asking. You know, if you could clear it up for me.

DR: Yeah, I'm asking you. I'm asking you a question. Do you know football?

Q: Maybe parts of it, but not that part of it.

DR: What part do you know?

Q: I said, like parts of it.

DR: OK, so do you know defensive coverages?

Q: Not very well ...

DR: Cover two, over three, cover one ...

Q: Not very well, quite honestly.

DR: Well, OK.

Q: I think the reason we're asking this question is because Bill Belichick said today, when he was asked about it, that you had help over the top quite a bit. So there obviously was a discrepancy here. And we don't see the film, so that's why we're asking the question. No one is doubting you, but up here Bill Belichick is saying, 'he had help over the top.'

DR: I don't believe that statement, so that question is dead from now on. I'm not going to just keep on answering the question.

Q: That's fair. I just want you to understand why we're asking. We're not playing 'gotcha' here, there was a discrepancy.

DR: That's cool.

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