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KC Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe Conference Call

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

Q: You were a rookie last year and coach Herm Edwards said there would be 11 rookies dressed for the game on Sunday. How difficult is it to be a rookie and know you are playing such a big role in your team's fortune?

DB: I wouldn't say it's difficult. This is the NFL and there is a reason why you were drafted and there is a reason why you are playing that week. It is just the anxiety level will be pretty high. I told the young guys, just like I did last year when I came in and didn't know if I was going to start or do the things I did, all you have to do is know your role and play fast. The young guys are doing a great job at that. I told the young guys 'They [New England Patriots] are a great team so don't go out there and hallucinate or anything like that.' They are showing good poise during practice and did all throughout the preseason. I think they are going to do pretty good.

Q: You are only in your second year but do you feel like a veteran with so many rookies on the team?

DB: Ha, Ha well kind of, sort of. I don't feel as old but I just learned a lot from Eddie [Kennison] and Tony [Gonzalez] on how to be poised and be a professional. The young guys are doing a great job at that and I don't think they will have a problem adjusting this week against the [New England] Patriots.

Q: You are facing a couple of rookies on the Patriots this week, particularly some rookie cornerbacks. Are you looking forward to that?

DB: I had a great look at them and their defense is great. They didn't go to the Super Bowl last year for no reason. I am prepared like I will be going against the best. We have some great corners on our end so I get to practice against them. Just from watching film on their guys, they are fast and physical. I just have to go out there and continue to do what I do best.

Q: Are you excited to know that New England's secondary no longer includes cornerback Asante Samuel?

DB: I wouldn't say glad, but it is a relief. They have some other great corners. It is a win-lose situation but still a good thing. He [Asante Samuel] is a great guy but their other corners are just as good as him. If he would have played and I would have had a good game then it would have been good. It is the same. It [Loss of Asante Samuel] is a catch-22.

Q: Being from LSU, do you have any memories of facing New England's rookies Jerod Mayo at Tennessee or Jonathan Wilhite at Auburn?

DB: Oh yeah, I have great memories of those guys. I don't want to cross their paths ever, ever again. That is why I am on the outside. I ran a lot of slots in college and met those guys a couple times but I will stay outside and stick to my job.

Q: Jonathan Wilhite is a cornerback so you know he will be on the outside with you…

DB: Well let him come on out there - I am ready. He [Jonathan Wilhite] is a great guy. SEC [Southeastern Conference] teams produce great athletes that go on to the NFL. It is just like I am going back to college all over again.

Q: A few Patriots are from LSU [Eric Alexander, Kevin Faulk and Jarvis Green]. They are a little bit older than you but do you know them well?

DB: Oh yeah, I know them pretty well. In the off-season, when I go back to Louisiana to train, we all go out and get a bite to eat. They are great guys just a little bit older. They are a little older on defense but their offense and defense are very fast. We are going to give them a nice run for their money.

Q: How has the offense changed under first-year offensive coordinator Chan Gailey?

DB: It has changed dramatically. Every year you are going to have changes so you never know. At this level, changes happen everyday. I would say it was a good change. It is easier for the young guys to come in and learn. Last year, everything was all about numbers and you had to have a great memory. This year, the offense is simplified and the way they call it lets everybody know what they have to do. I like Chan's [Gailey] offense and I like the way he calls plays. It makes the offense more aggressive to go out and put points on the board.

Q: Have you seen a difference in quarterback Brodie Croyle this year? Is he more mature or more confident?

DB: I would say he is both. He is more mature and more confident. We have a good offensive line that can protect him and give him time to hit his open targets. Just being with him during training camp and rooming with him, I always let him know that I would be there for him no matter what. It gives him more confidence knowing when the game is on the line that he can count on me or Tony [Gonzales] or Devard [Darling]. He [Brodie Croyle] has a great feel for the game now.

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