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Kevin Faulk Press Conf Transcript - 10/27

Faulk: Coming together was the best thing that could have happened, and that is just basically not letting anyone from outside come in and disrupt the way the team feels about each other.

**Q: We're coming into the cold weather phase of the season right now, and obviously the running game is starting to pick up. Is that something that's really important coming into November and December?

KF:** I think the running game is something that you try to emphasize at the beginning of the season, not meaning that it is cold or not. But basically we just try to be consistent on offense.

**Q: What is the luxury of having three different backs in your system? Is that going to keep defenses off balance?

KF:** It really does because all three of us are different types of backs. Me and Mike [Cloud]—we're similar but different, and Antowain [Smith] is the guy that you put in there to get those tough yards.

**Q: You've also been going up the middle. What do you attribute that to?

KF:** I think a lot of that has to do with my size because I basically have to get behind the offensive line and hide a little bit and try to be patient. Being patient is probably the key.

**Q: For most of your career, people put that third down back tag on you. Did that upset you?

KF:** No it really didn't upset me. It really motivated me to go out there and work harder and try to be an every down back.

**Q: It seems like the three of you guys get along. How is that?

KF:** Basically all three of us know that we are here for the same thing and that is to help the New England Patriots win. No matter who's in the game, we know that we're going to get each other's 150 percent out there to help us win.

**Q: Is this the biggest comfort level that you've had with a defense, knowing that if the offense isn't clicking, that this defense can pick it up?

KF:** The way our defense has been playing is phenomenal—you can't really explain it. We credit all the games to them. We just have to go out there as an offense and be more consistent, not have a big play then come back with a negative play or a penalty or anything. We just have to be more consistent.

**Q: Last year the whole season I think you had 52 carries. Now you're at 100 already. How do you feel, physically, with the increased workload?

KF:** You never can tell. It is kind of early to tell how I feel. It is after a game—after a game you're obviously sore a little bit. Once Wednesday, Thursday, Friday come along you try to forget about it. You have another game, you're waiting for the game to come along.

**Q: A lot of backs talk about getting 19,20,21 carries and getting into a rhythm, especially late in the game. Do you feel like yesterday you were able to get into a rhythm?

KF:** To be honest with you, I really did. It felt real good to be in there at that time in the game. It is just going in there and executing—following the blocks and reading the blocks, those great blocks I got yesterday.

**Q: Did you see Cleveland's defense kind of getting tired?

KF:** I don't think they were getting tired. That number 59 and number 58 [Kevin Bentley and Ben Taylor], they might've had 40 tackles between the two of them. They were always around.

**Q: It looked like Matt Light was sealing the corner for you on the sweeps?

KF:** Yeah, Matt and the tight ends, they did a wonderful job on those sweeps plays and those stretch plays that we ran.

**Q: How much easier does it make your job knowing that you're going to have the same guys on the offensive line every week? The consistency and continuity there, does that make things easier for you?

KF:** At a point, yes it does. It makes you feel real comfortable. At another point you have to think about, you have to have confidence in all the guys that are in there or even if they're not in there. You never know what can happen. A turning point of a game, one guy can get hurt and another guy has to come in, and you have to have confidence in him at the same time.

**Q: As a group, does the offense have to be sure that it doesn't get too frustrated, especially having some problems in the red zone? Is that just something where you have to not let it get to you, not let it bother you?

KF:** Yes, you have to, because in the NFL you never can tell how a game is going to go on Sunday. We might score 30 points, and then again we might score 9 like we did yesterday. So you never can tell.

**Q: Can you imagine this team being where it is, 6-2 possibly 7-2 going into the bye week?

KF:** You want that coming into the season. You want to have that winning record going into the break. That is just the way we feel right now, we're going in right now just trying to be together and not trying to separate anybody on the team. Try to be together and just continue on doing what we're doing.

**Q: The beginning of the season obviously started off pretty tough—Buffalo and Lawyer [Milloy]. How has the team come together? Has it been an easy process?

KF:** It hasn't been easy. It's been real hard. Coming together was the best thing that could have happened, and that is just basically not letting anyone from outside come in and disrupt the way the team feels about each other.

**Q: Who took the forefront in doing that? Was it a collective group thing?

KF:** I think it was a collective group thing. Everybody on the team just knew what needed to be done.

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