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Matt Cassel Postgame Presser - 10/12/2008

New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, October 12, 2008.

Q: How were they different than what you prepared for?

MC: A lot of what they're doing, we prepared for. We just have to execute better offensively, defensively and in special teams as a whole unit. We knew there was going to be a lot of energy in the stadium tonight. We knew they were going to come out and put it on us early and they did a good job. They got ahead and we were never able to catch up and put points up.

Q: Can you talk us through that goal line series?

MC: They did a good job. We called three passes and we had a run. I threw away one and then we tried to run the ball and they did a good job – they have a good goal line defense. The next was another throw and we missed it. The next one was the same thing. It was a great defensive stand by them. We wanted to come out and put together a good drive, which we did. We were first and goal on the one and we anticipate putting the ball in, in that situation. That was definitely discouraging. But, we came back out and we tried to battle.

Q: Did you notice the Chargers doing more blitzing?

MC: Nothing more than what we practiced for. They are a good defense and today they out played us.

Q: What made them particularly tough on that goal line stand in the third quarter?

MC: Goal line is goal line. You go down there and it's the grit and grind of the game. They did a good job. They had some good guys up front; they were able to stop the run and cover the passes.

Q: Can you go through the progression of the last play of the goal line possession?

MC: Well, it was a progression and I didn't see anyone open. I was hoping to make a play with my legs and it didn't happen.

Q: From the two games you lost, you were got behind both times. What is it about playing from behind that makes it more difficult?

MC: I don't think we played well collectively today. They played a great game and they came out with great intensity. We have to do a better job of matching that intensity early and playing better all the way around.

Q: Does anything change for you, game plan wise, when you get behind?

MC: Nothing really. We try to go out and keep the offense out as long as we can. We try to move the ball and put points on the board. Northing really changes until you get down to a certain point in the game in which you are going to have to throw the ball to win.

Q: Is this a step back for you guys?

MC: You can consider it what it is. We just got out played. That's not to say we're down and out about it. We're upset about the loss, but we're going to move on and we're going to get better this week. We're going to continue to work hard.

Q: Will you rehash the four downs on the one-yard line?

MC: I'm sure we'll get a heavy dose of that tomorrow when we look at the film. That was a big series in the game that would have put us within a score and it didn't happen. It's just part of football unfortunately.

Q: Did you feel that there was anything about the week's preparation that would indicate that this would've happened?

MC: Not at all. We didn't come out and match their intensity. We got behind and they did a good job of playing from ahead.

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