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New uniforms unveiled

This is an archived article from the Patriots jersey launch in 2000. The Patriots unveiled their newest jerseys on Monday, April 20, 2020 on and Patriots social media. To learn more, click here.

Exactly what do colors Nautical Blue and New Century Silver look like? Find out Saturday evening, May 27, right here on We'll show you exactly what the new uniforms look like after they are unveiled at the WBCN River Rave concert at Foxboro stadium.

Drew Bledsoe, Ted Johnson, Adam Vinatieri, Chris Slade and Lawyer Milloy wore the new uniforms, complete with pads, for a photo shoot Thursday in the stadium. The new look drew praise from team members.

"I like them. I really do," Johnson said. "There is some validity to this whole color psychology. Some coaches used to paint the visiting locker rooms pink to get opposing guys psyched out. Just the color of these uniforms kind of projects a toughness and attitude, so for that, I like them."

"I love the new uniforms," said safety Tony George. "Hopefully the new uniforms will help bring a new feeling, a new aura to this team. They look very nice, and hopefully they will help us play better. They are a little tougher looking, so they will go along well with our team attitude." will give fans that are not at the concert a chance to see the new colors, uniforms and merchandise that the Patriots will feature in the 2000 season. Look for photos of the concert to appear on soon after they are unveiled during the concert at Foxboro Stadium on May 27, 2000.

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