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NFL Europe Schedule

**Week****Game****Date****US TV****EDT**
1Amsterdam @ RheinSat. 4/5Fox Sports Net12PM
Barcelona @ FrankfurtSat. 4/5 Direct 704 12PM
Berlin @ ScotlandSun. 4/6Direct 70410AM
2Barcelona @ AmsterdamSat. 4/12Fox Sports Net1PM
Frankfurt @ ScotlandSun. 4/13Direct 70410AM
Rhein @ BerlinSun. 4/13Direct 70410AM
3Amsterdam @ BarcelonaSat. 4/19Direct 70411:30AM
Scotland @ RheinSat. 4/19Fox Sports Net1PM
Berlin @ FrankfurtSat. 4/19Direct 7051PM
4Frankfurt @ AmsterdamSat. 4/26Fox Sports Net11AM
Rhein @ BarcelonaSat. 4/26Direct 70411AM
Scotland @ BerlinSun. 4/27Direct 70410AM
5Frankfurt @ RheinSat. 5/3Fox Sports Net1PM
Barcelona @ ScotlandSun. 5/4Direct 70410AM
Amsterdam @ BerlinSun. 5/4Direct 70510AM
6Berlin @ BarcelonaSat. 5/10Fox Sports Net11:30AM
Rhein @ AmsterdamSat. 5/10Direct 7041PM
Scotland @ FrankfurtSat. 5/10Direct 7051PM
7Barcelona @ BerlinSat. 5/17Fox Sports Net1PM
Amsterdam @ FrankfurtSat. 5/17Direct 7041PM
Rhein @ ScotlandSun. 5/18FOX10AM
8Frankfurt @ BarcelonaSat. 5/24Direct 70411:30AM
Scotland @ AmsterdamSat. 5/24Fox Sports Net1PM
Berlin @ RheinSun. 5/25FOX10AM
9Scotland @ BarcelonaSat. 5/31Fox Sports Net11:30AM
Berlin @ AmsterdamSat. 5/31Direct 7041PM
Rhein @ FrankfurtSun. 6/1FOX10AM
10Frankfurt @ BerlinSat. 6/7Fox Sports Net1PM
Barcelona @ RheinSat. 6/7Direct 7041PM
Amsterdam @ ScotlandSun. 6/8Direct 70410AM
11World Bowl XI from Glasgow, Scotland Sat. 6/14FOX12PM
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