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Notes from 4/11/03 NEPAC meeting

Attendees: Pete Brock; Roland James; Tim Fox; Bobby Leo; Bob Cappadona; Len St.

Attendees: Pete Brock; Roland James; Tim Fox; Bobby Leo; Bob Cappadona; Len St. Jean; Billy Johnson; Steve King; Eddie Jenkins; Larry Garron; Derwin Williams; Jon Williams; Butch Mahoney; Bill Lenkaitis; Fred Kirsch.

Meeting began with Pete Brock reviewing 2002 season including Ambassador Program, reminder to arrange interview w/Fred Kirsch for Speakers Bureau and decision to create NEPAC as a for-profit entity. Patriots Marketing Dept. is now letting all their clients know that alumni are available for appearances.

There will be a flag football game on Sat., Sept. 20, 2003 vs. the Jest alumni at Gillette Stadium. This will be a major fundraiser for both NEPAC and the Jets alumni club. Tickets will be sold to the public to a) watch the game and b) watch the game and attend a post-game banquet. Pete Brock and fred Kirsch are assembling the business plan and when complete, they will contact membership to form committees and assign duties.

Most important task will be to get the commitment from well-kown players who will attract the crowds. Much more information on this will be forthcoming.

Also discussed was the continuation of the game tickets (20 pair per game for members) and Ambassador Program. It was discussed that seating outside int he club sections may not be available for all games due to sell-outs but membership was in agreement that outside seats were not necessary. Identification for Ambassadors was discussed and the NEPAC patch -- if it sticks -- was agreed to be sufficient for now.

NEPAC merchandise will be made for sale to the public. It will be sold at the Patriots Pro Shop and online at Items contemplated were caps, T-shirts, golf shirts and perhaps sweaters and varsity jackets.

The auction site will launch by the end of April. Members should start rummaging through their attics, garages and basements for items fans would be interested in. Members keep 75% of revenue from sold items and minimum bids are established ensuring a minimum price.

There was a call for dues and reminder to email Fred Kirsch ( for a username and password to the private NEPAC website.

Refreshments included cold beer and delicious steak and cheese sandwiches.

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