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Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee attends Patriots game as Jonathan Jones' guest

After meeting at an Auburn gymnastics meet, New England Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones has forged a friendship with Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee.

Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones, Olympic gymnast Suni Lee

As an undrafted free agent turned Super Bowl champion, Jonathan Jones took advantage of every opportunity he had growing up to get where he is today.

As a dad, he wants his daughter, Skylar, to have those same opportunities, and women's empowerment causes have become a focus for the New England Patriots cornerback off the field.

"Watching her grow, just watching her development through school and through sports, she's really smart," Jones said last year, after being named the first-ever male ambassador for Play Like A Girl.

"Seeing her day-by-day progressions and looking at the reality of life, you see opportunities for women growing and growing. I definitely want to be a part of that."

He's stayed true to that mission for girls and women all over the country through his Next Step Foundation and for his daughter within their household.

So with Skylar taking an interest in gymnastics, he did what any good father would do, and brought herback to his alma mater to watch some of the best in action.

Enter Olympic gold medalist and former Auburn gymnast, Suni Lee. Jones and Skylar attended an Auburn gymnastics meet back in February, where they met the Olympic gold medalist. She didn't know much about football, but was impressed to learn he was a two-time Super Bowl Champion. They admired each other's athletic achievements.

"It was incredible," Lee said while attending the Patriots win over the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 22 as Jones' guest.
"I met him and his daughter and they were so sweet. He told me that he would promise to bring me out to a Patriots game and that's why I'm here."

As the first-ever woman of Asian descent to win the Olympic all-around title, a feat she accomplished at the 2020 Tokyo Games, representation is important to her. She says having support from another athlete like Jones means a lot.

"Being somebody that other people can look up to was definitely something that was super important to me, and just representing the community because representation matters," Lee said.

"It's amazing to have any type of support. Being a woman is difficult, especially in sports, so to have somebody with a big platform (like Jones) representing is just amazing."

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