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Patrick Chung Postgame Press Conference - 10/4/2010

Patriots safety Patrick Chung addresses the media during his postgame press conference on October 4, 2010.

(On if he'd every had a game like tonight)
"No. But it feels great. You just gotta give thanks to the man upstairs. He blessed me."

(On what he saw while making his two blocks (on kicks)"Exactly what we executed. I mean just looping people. People picking people up. It opened up just like coach drew it up on the board so you execute and things like that happen. You just gotta take advantage of the opportunity."

(On if he shuts his eyes when he tries to block a kick)
"No way. You gotta see what you're blocking. You don't get too many chances like that."

(On if he gets afraid of getting kicked in the face while trying to make a block)
"We got helmets on. We got helmets on. It's football. If you hit you're gonna get kicked. It doesn't matter."

(On if he saw something in the Dolphins special team coverage that allowed him to make his blocks)
"That's something coach saw. I mean, we just practiced everything that happened in that game. All those blocks, and people doing their job. I give it to them. If they're not doing their job nothing happens. So we executed. Coach drew it up and it happened just like he did it."

(On if he felt like he was back at college when he played for the University of Oregon)
"No, college is over now. It's the big leagues. I gotta get ready for the next one."

(On what "Woo-sa" is)"It's just relax. Don't get too hyped. Just relax. Woo-sa (laughing)."

(On "Woo-sa" working for him tonight)
"If you play calm you know what you're doing. You can play fast when it comes down to it."

(On Davone Bess' touchdown catch)"He's a good player. They get paid too. That was a good play. You gotta bounce back. You gotta forget about it. Short memory."

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