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A surprise visit to a Connecticut middle school and Tom Brady's recent radio comments on the troubles of the 2009 Patriots lead the way in today's News Blitz!

Remember a few weeks back when a total misunderstanding left students and staff at Lebanon Middle School in Connecticut disappointed when no Patriots showed up at an NFL-sponsored "Fuel up to Play 60" program? Well, the New England organization righted the wrong Wednesday when Bill Belichick and Dan Koppen surprised students and faculty alike with a visit. Video of the event can be seen right here on, while the blogs from, and the Boston Herald all touch on the visit.

Tom Brady spoke with WEEI radio in Boston on Wednesday morning, and the Boston Globe has a reaction to his comments about the 2009 Patriots struggles with leadership. "All of us, we need to do a better job of leadership," Brady told WEEI. "And I was one of the leaders last year, and obviously I sucked at doing that."

The Boston Herald also chimes in on Brady's chat with WEEI and New England's offseason search to improve leadership and team chemistry. As does

The Globe also has a story on former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe making a local appearance shilling the wine produced by his vineyard. Earlier in the week Bledsoe held a similar event at Patriot Place in Foxborough. Maybe the most interesting note to come out of Wednesday's event, as related by the Globe, was an interaction with a fan who told No. 11 that, "I hate Mo Lewis.'' Replied Bledsoe, "You and me both.''

The Herald checked in on Bledsoe as well.'s Mike Reiss, who's dabbling a bit these days in Red Sox coverage in addition to his top-notch Patriots coverage, has an interesting story out of Fenway Park as to why Blue Jays third-base coach Brian Butterfield's locker at the ol' ball yard says"McCourty 32."

And in case you were wondering (were you?),'s Tom Curran lets us know why he once again backed Brian Cushing for defensive rookie of the year in the recent Associated Press' re-vote for the award following the linebackers suspension for failing an NFL drug test prior to his rookie season.

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