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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Tue Jul 23 - 02:01 AM | Wed Jul 24 - 10:25 AM News Blitz - 1/26/2007

In today's News Blitz... Safety Rodney Harrison is planning to return to the field again next season.

Mike Reiss of The Boston Globe talks to safety Rodney Harrison, who was plagued by injuries this season and last, limiting him to 13 games over that period. Harrison vows to return for the 2007 season, and talks about the sprained MCL in his right knee. "Those injuries had nothing to do with my age," Harrison said. "The first [left] knee injury, I'm standing there and a receiver runs into my leg. The second injury could have happened to anybody; you fall on your back and break a bone that no one breaks. Then I come back and take an unnecessary shot to the knee, which could have happened to someone who was 20 years old, or to a guy who is 35. It's disappointing, but I know I can play football."

Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe offers some quick hitting thoughts on a number of sports, including one about coach Bill Belichick and his staff running the show at the Pro Bowl for the AFC.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss offers the Patriots best and worst moments and decisions of the season. Reiss playfully "challenges" each "call" and then explains why he chose one over the other.

The Boston Globe offers a piece by Sam Blair on the late Lamar Hunt, often thought of as the father of the modern NFL. Blair was a writer and columnist for The Dallas Morning News for 41 years. He first crossed paths with Lamar Hunt in 1945, when they were 13-year-old eighth-graders at J.L. Long Junior High School.

Michael Felger of the Boston Herald offers his final Patriots report card of the season. Felger rates the overall performance of each group.

Boston Herald writer John Tomase explains why "the agent for veteran Corey Dillon believes the running back wants to play next year and doesn't expect the Patriots to try to renegotiate his contract." Tomase also discusses Laurence Maroney's rookie year and includes other notes.

The *Boston Herald* offers an Associated Press piece which includes some thoughts from "the experts" on Peyton Manning's prayer late in last Sunday's game. "I don't know if you're supposed to pray for stuff like that," said Manning, "but I said a little prayer."

Boston Herald writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa offer the latest gossip on quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Lenny Megliola of The MetroWest Daily News offers his thoughts on coach Belichick and the AFC Championship. "Maybe it's because I don't cover the Patriots on a regular basis, but I've never begrudged Belichick's sullenness," writes Megliola. "I even admire that he's a bad loser. ... Anyway, it's mostly the media that has a gripe with Belichick."

Tom King of The Telegraph explains that the Patriots will have to do more than just tinker with their roster this year. He doesn't think it will be an all-out rebuilding of the team. "My guess is, after Asante Samuel departs, the next big news out of Foxborough will be a Tedy Bruschi retirement press conference in March," predicts King.

Also, check out* USA Today's* Inside Slant on the Patriots.

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