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Patriots Monday (WEEI Simulcast) Mon Dec 04 | 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM News Blitz - 10/26/2010

In today's News Blitz... Brady and Vikings coach Childress exchange words, Sergio Brown steps up, Favre has fracture and more on the Pats' 23-20 win in San Diego.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed Vikings coach Brad Childress' comments that the '06 Patriots were "some of the all-time great signal stealers," on WEEI this morning. Read about it on **. Read more about Childress comments on the *New England Patriots Blog* as well. The *Boston Globe* offers a similar story.

After Patriots safety Patrick Chung left Sunday's game at the Chargers with a knee injury--** reported yesterday that Chung is undergoing tests to determine the severity of the injury--Sergio Brown stepped in and stepped up. The undrafted free agent finished with four tackles, including a stop that left San Diego's star tight end Antonio Gates two yards short of the first down when the Chargers were mounting their final drive to take the win, or at least a tying field goal. Read about the former practice squad player in the *Boston Herald*.

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has a stress fracture in his left ankle, reports **. Read more about the injury that could end the 41-year-old QB's 291 consecutive-start streak in the *Boston Globe*. Yet Patriots coach Bill Belichick still expects to face Favre on Sunday, he said in a press conference yesterday.

Read what the Pats head coach said on ESPN's *New England Patriots Blog*. Read a similar story in the *Boston Herald*. Read more on Favre in the *Globe*.

Having had a day and a night to let the Pats' 23-20 win at the Chargers digest, read more about Sunday's close game in the *Boston Globe* and the *Boston Herald*.

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