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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Thu May 16 - 02:00 PM | Tue May 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 10/29/2010

In today's News Blitz... Moss schools Pats and Vikes, Branch is in it for the long haul and will we see Jackson or Favre come Sunday? It's all in today's News Blitz...


When now-Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss played for the Patriots, his star pupil was cornerback Devin McCourty. Pitted against the future hall-of-fame receiver in practice, the rookie corner was nervous at first, but then realized he had the chance to play with one of the greats, McCourty told the *Boston Globe*. Moss gave him tips on what to look for in receivers, what they may not like and so forth. Come Sunday, the student will have to become the master, however, if the Pats hope to stop Moss, who has been quoted in saying he knows how the Pats' secondary will cover him.

Read similar stories in the *Boston Herald* and on **.

Moss has continued his tutoring in Minnesota, schooling the Vikings on the Patriots' tendencies, reports the *Boston Herald*. Read a similar story in the *Boston Globe*, which offers positive accounts from fellow Vikings on their new and respected teammate.

Patriots receiver Deion Branch says he wants to retire with New England, reports the *Boston Globe*. Read a similar story in the *Boston Herald*. ** reports Branch was limited in Thursday's practice with a hamstring injury.

** also reports the Vikings may start backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, though current QB Brett Favre still refuses to rule out his 292 consecutive start on Sunday against the Patriots in an Halloween showdown at Gillette. Read about Favre's hobbled ankle in the *Boston Herald*. Also read about Favre's likelihood of playing on Sunday in the *Herald*.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick still expects Favre to play, according to **.

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