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Weather dominated the Jets-Patriots post-game stories, but now the focus is on New England's remaining schedule. Read all about it in Monday's News Blitz.

It's easier to enjoy the weather when you're winning.

Just ask the Patriots and New York Jets, who had opposing views on the wintry conditions here in Foxborough Sunday, and who, not coincidentally, were on opposite sides of the scoreboard.

"The wind was going everywhere the entire game and toward their bench," Jets K Mike Nugent told The New York Times after missing a 35-yard field goal late in the game. "I had to change direction, and on that field goal I didn't change enough."

Pats LB Adalius Thomas didn't seem to mind, however.

"I thought it was great," he joked. "Didn't you see all those bikinis out there?"

"It'll be like that sometimes," RB Laurence Maroney said in the Boston Herald's post-game piece. "You aren’t going to go out there and score 50 points, 40 points every game. Sometimes you have to run the clock out, score and stop the other team from scoring."

The weather, it seemed, was the biggest story of the day, as USA TODAY points out in their post-game feature.

"Both teams had to deal with it," wide receiver Randy Moss said of the wintry weather, "and we're 14-0."


The Boston Globe examines WR Kelley Washington's big play on special teams, a blocked punt late in the first half.

The Providence Journal, meantime, insists in a column this Monday that the Pats will indeed run the table, and goes on to explain why.

Sports Illustrated's website echoes that sentiment, saying New England won't rest its starters for the remainder of the regular season.

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