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The latest spygate news tops today's News Blitz

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make an appearance on Capitol Hill in Washington today, where his father once served in Congress.

This time, internal-link-placeholder-0 to discuss the New England Patriots' spygate controversy and Goodell's handling thereof.

Much of the new debate focuses on former Pats video assistant Matt Walsh, and whether or not New England taped the St. Louis Rams' walk-through practice a day before Super Bowl XXXVI.

“It won’t be investigated, and nothing will happen,” former Rams RB Marshal Faulk predicted earlier this week.

"The Patriots will get to keep their Lombardi Trophy and their rings. The NFL understands big business and it understands what this whole thing means for it. So if anything comes out that Matt Walsh has any evidence, I'm sure it won't make it to Congress and neither will Matt Walsh."

On the field, meanwhile, it seems the New York Jets, who sparked the initial spygate investigation back in September, may be very interested in stealing CB Asante samuel away from the Pats. take a look at free agency needs in the AFC East.

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