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In your Valentines Day News Blitz... The snow is falling in New England, but your News Blitz is still bringing you the most pertinent Patriots news.

Scott Allen of* The Boston Globe* reports on former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis' medical negligence suit against two Mass. General doctors. "At the trial of Weis's malpractice lawsuit yesterday, attorney Michael E. Mone asserted in his opening statement that two surgeons involved in the weight-reduction surgery disregarded warning signs that Weis was bleeding internally following the June 14, 2002, operation," writes Allen.

Boston Herald writer Laurel J. Sweet also reports on Weis' lawsuit. "(Patriots quarterback) Tom Brady, 29, who stayed by his offensive coordinator's bedside while he fought pneumonia and nerve damage, is expected to testify this week."

Remember Patriots safety Raymond "Bubba" Ventrone, who was on the Patriots practice squad in 2005? According to *The Boston Globe*, he and wideout Zuriel Smith were waived by the team yesterday after neither of them played in 2006. Apparently, they both suffered injuries in NFL Europa prior to the '06 season.

According to the Boston Herald's Inside Track, Pats defensive end Ty Warren received a Hometown Hero award at the Boston Sports Fans Choice Awards the other night. Also, tight end Benjamin Watson got the Rising Star Award from teammates (cornerback) Ellis Hobbs and (running back) Patrick Pass. Doug Flutie grabbed the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Also, Sun Chronicle sportswriter Mark Farinella brings an entertaining Q&A, and a number of the questions are related to the Patriots.

Didn't catch yesterday's News Blitz? It included a story on the Chargers firing coach Marty Schottenheimer, and an editorial on why Boston has become a two-sport town.

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