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Commissioner Goodell goes to Washington. Details about the latest chapter of "spygate," plus, try to imagine where the Patriots would be today without Tom Brady ...

On Wednesday, a guy named Roger went to Capitol Hill to talk to Congress about a sports scandal -- and we're not talking about "Rocket" Roger Clemens.

At the behest of Senator Arlen Spectre (R-Pennsylvania), NFL Commisisoner Roger Goodell met with the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The topic of discussion: Goodell's destruction of the New England Patriots so-called "spygate" tapes.

Goodell told reporters after the more than hour-long meeting that he had no regrets about what he did.

"Absolutely not," Goodell told reporters after meeting for more than an hour. "I think it was the right thing to do and I told the senator that. There was no purpose for it ... We had an admission of guilt. There was no purpose for the tapes. The tapes are competitive. They contain nothing other than the coaches' signals that had any violation of our policies."

Goodell destroyed six tapes handed over by the Patriots, as well as several pages of notes that accompanied the tapes.

"There were a great many questions answered by Commissioner Goodell," said Specter, who added, however, that he "found a lot of questions unanswerable because of the tapes and notes had been destroyed."

"There was confirmation that there has been taping since 2000, when Coach [Bill] Belichick took over," Specter continued. "The explanation given as to the destruction of the tapes and the notes is completely invalid. There was an enormous amount of haste."


What if Tom Brady never became the Patriots starting QB? How would his life be different today? takes a stab at this hypothetical storyline.

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