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John Tomase of the* Boston Herald* explains the NFL's changing salary cap, and how it will affect the Patriots decisions when the free agent market opens up on Friday. "The Patriots' system can work in any situation because the most important thing they do is identify not only the kind of player they want, but they identify their own players," said Packers general manager Ted Thompson. "They're the best in the league at evaluating their own players and deciding who to keep and who to let go. Belichick is a genius at that."

The Boston Herald* *reports that 14-year veteran Patriot receiver Troy Brown in considering retirement. Brown's career (spent entirely with New England) has been an undeniable success, but his representatives aren't answering any questions about whether he'll stick with the Pats for another year.

Albert Breer of The MetroWest Daily News explains that the Patriots defense struggled against the more balanced offenses it faced last season. Breer zeros in on five issues facing the Pats defense as free agency approaches.

In Sunday's Boston Globe, Mike Reiss reported that Patriots tight end Daniel Graham may be moving on. He's slotted to hit free agency this week, and the team hasn't re-signed him.

In Sunday's Boston Herald, Michael Felger challenged you to remember Corey Dillon for his 2004 season. This comes after a number of sources reported on Friday that Dillon will be leaving the Patriots.

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