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Ahead in today's News Blitz: Goodell's keeping his options open. The Pats may have a friend in Congress after all.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may turn his attention back to "Spygate" ... if someone gives him a reason.

After addressing the situation during his State of the League Address last weekend, Goodell made additional comments on the matter during a brief visit to Pro Bowl practices in Hawaii. That also happens to be where former Patriots staffer Matt Walsh, the man now at the center of the saga, now resides.

"We were aware of this before," Goodell said of the Walsh angle, which was revealed publicly during Super Bowl week.

"We pursued it and weren't able to get any information that was credible. We were aware of some of the rumors and we pursued some of them and we continue that. From Day 1, I said if we feel there is new information that's inconsistent with what we've been told (by the Patriots), I reserve the right to reopen it.

"The staffs are talking about making sure [Walsh] has the ability to talk and what information he might have."

Also during Super Bowl week, we learned that Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter wants to call the "Spygate" controversy in front of the Senate Judiciary Commitee.

But in order for that to happen, says today's Washington Post, Specter would have to get the approval of a New Englander, committee chairman Patrick Leahy.

"He hasn't said anything to me about it.I would assume that if he really wanted to [hold hearings], he would say something to me, not the press," the Democrat from Vermont said.

As for the team itself, the Patriots underwent a major overhaul last offseason, and another one could be on the horizon. Last year, New England made a big splash by trading for WR Randy Moss, but will he be back in '08?

The Boston Globe says he could be a candidate for the franchise tag.

"When I sat with him at the beginning of the year, he said he wasn't coming here for the money, he was coming here to win," Patriots owner Rober Kraft said prior to the Super Bowl.

"Everything he's done has shown that he wants to win, and he's a real competitor and someone I've developed an affection for. I'm really happy that he's been part of our team this year and I hope he continues to be."


A closer inspection of other Pats free agents can be found in today's Providence Journal.

And the Boston Herald ponders whether New England's Super Bowl loss will motivate or devastate the team going into next season.

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