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Maroney's on the mend, Light supports heavier penalties for player misconduct, and Belichick talks about re-writing some rules. It's all in the Monday edition of's News Blitz.

Patriots running back Laurence Maroney reportedly is sporting a sling while recovering from shoulder surgery. The recent procedure uncovered "significant damage," according to a league source quoted by the **Boston Herald* *today.

It's unclear exactly what's wrong with Maroney's shoulder, the article says, or what the timetable is for his recovery.

NFL owners, meantime, are meeting in Phoenix this week. One of the issues they'll tackle is player misconduct off the field. Patriots left tackle and player representative Matt Light, for one, is in favor of stricter penalties for bad behavior.

"I think what you're seeing lately, we have some guys around the league who have not just gotten in trouble once or twice, but multiple times, for things that shouldn't be a problem at this level," Light tells *The Boston Globe* today. "That has shed a negative light on everyone. I think all the guys that are doing the right thing, which is the majority, are all saying, 'Enough is enough.'"

So, what does Light's head coach think about the potential rules changes that could come out of this week's owners meeting? Bill Belichick makes his feelings perfectly clear in a weekend article from the Globe. Upping the game day roster limit is something he'd rather keep the way it is.

"I came into the league back in the dark ages when you had 38 guys, and that was plenty. Now it's 45 and it's not enough," said Belichick in the piece. "I also think fans want to see the same guys out there instead of situational guys - a guy for this, a guy for that, or like 20 different relief pitchers, one for every inning, one for every batter. It's hard to keep track of all that."

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