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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Wed Feb 21 - 04:00 PM | Thu Feb 22 - 09:55 AM News Blitz - 3/27/2008

The Pats could be a focus of next week's NFL Annual Meeting, and one name keeps popping up at New England's slot in the latest mock drafts. Read all about it in today's News Blitz.

The NFL's Annual Meeting, to be held next week in Palm Beach, Florida, will address a number of league-wide topics, both on and off the field.

Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asserts that much of the discussions will be dominated by proposals stemming from the Patriots' Spygate controversy last season.

"We are determined to make sure our game is clean and competitively fair," said Ray Anderson, the NFL's vice president of football operations, in the story.

"The main thing is accountability from top to bottom in protecting the integrity and maintaining accountability with our fans."

"I certainly agree that it's an issue that needs to be addressed," Steelers president Art Rooney II added, "and I think what we've heard from the commissioner so far makes sense.

"Obviously we have to hear more of the details, but he's going to put some measures in place that will make a difference and certainly make people think twice if they have any thoughts about skirting the rules."

As for the upcoming NFL Draft, there's growing consensus among draftniks about who the Patriots will pick., for instance, has a pair of new mock drafts. One has the Pats staying put at the number-7 pick, while another has them trading down.

On, they're also saying New England will take a cornerback, while has compiled several mock drafts that show the Pats going with defense, but not necessarily corner.

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