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Welcoming Welker...and maybe Moss? Thomas talks about his versatility, while Davis says he's all done. It's all ahead in Monday's News Blitz.

Wide receiver Wes Welker is in town for now, and how long he stays is the subject of speculation in today's Boston Globe. The paper also reports extensively on the retirement of Patriots linebacker Don Davis. He discusses his decision to retire with Patriots beat reporter Mike Reiss.

If Welker decides to join the Patriots, he may be forced to pick his poison, as it were. The Boston Herald offers an insightful explanation of an emerging trend in NFL contract negotiations.

Meanwhile, talk about Randy Moss becoming a Patriot just won't subside. There's a feature on the subject in today's Herald.

The Herald also provides plenty of coverage of the newest New England Patriot, linebacker Adalius Thomas, whose ability to play cornerback and all-around versatility are discussed in depth today.

USA Today's "Inside Slant" breaks down all the latest free agency moves by the Patriots as well as other offseason transactions.

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