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The latest mock drafts, plus Pacman talk won't go away, but Spygate will ... if one local baseball team has its way.

Game over?

Not yet, it seems. According to sources quoted in Nashville's City Paper, the Patriots may still be interested in **Pacman Jones**, the troubled but talented cornerback from the Tennessee Titans.

Here's a sample of a story that's appearing there today:

According to sources, the Pats have contacted the Titans about Jones behind the scenes, but have yet to enter into any formal negotiations. That is something that could materialize near draft time, depending on what happens with talks with the Cowboys.

The Patriots certainly could use more talent at the cornerback position. Which may be why is sticking to its guns when it comes to the Pats pick at number seven in this month's NFL Draft. They maintain the team will select a cornerback from a small school. doesn't necessarily agree. That site has compiled a series of mock drafts that shows New England getting defensive help at various positions.

Finally this week, The Brockton Rox, a minor league baseball team here in Massachusetts, wants to help the Patriots and their fans put the Spygate controversy out of its misery.

In June, the team is holding "Spygate Demolition Night" at one of its games.

“It’s time to let our fans move forward and begin the process of leaving Spygate as a specter in the archives of history,’’ said Rox General ManagerBrian Voelkel. "We have an expert within our organization who is fully qualified to conduct such a display.''

The Rox have an entertaining way they'd like to do that. Check out the story in today's Brockton Enterprise for more info.

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