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It's hard to overshadow the NFL Draft. But one story seems to be doing just that: the Randy Moss trade to New England.

Everyone who covers the NFL is focused on the story, in one fashion or another. Opinions run the gamut, as you might expect. There are so many out there today, but some good places to start are,,, The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and The Providence Journal.

For his part, Patriots owner Robert Kraft is supportive of the high-profile move.

"I think both Bill [Belichick] and Scott [Pioli] have established a mantra that players know what is expected of them when they get here," Kraft said in a Globe story. "I think they do their homework. I put my confidence and trust in their judgment."

Which brings us to the other huge story of the weekend: the Draft.

After taking only one player on Saturday, Miami's versatile defensive back Brandon Meriweather, the Pats took another Hurricane on Sunday.

Defensive lineman Kareem Brown topped the list of Day-2 players who are now Patriots.

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