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Tributes to Marquise Hill continue to pour in. We'll point you to all of them in today's News Blitz.

We're still learning more details about the sudden death of Patriots defensive lineman Marquise Hill.

Today, several media outlets are reporting that his death was an accidental drowning, the result of his jet ski capsizing and his being swept away by the strong currents of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.

The stories about Hill portray a kind-hearted young man who loved life.

The Boston Herald, for instance, talked with Hill's fiancee.

"I would have never thought someone like that would be interested in me," said Inell Benn in today's feature. "I always wondered why. Maybe he loved my presence, knew that I was a humble person."

There's also a piece on Hill's teammate, Jarvis Green, who's having trouble coming to grips with the loss of his dear friend.

"All I've been thinking about is what was running through his mind at that time," Green said of Hill's final moments. "I can't even grasp what that was like. His first thought was to save the girl, help her first, then he floated away. He has a 2-year-old son. This really hurts. It's so depressing."

Hill's mother and uncle, as well as a former teacher, also talked about the type of person Hill was. Touching memorials can also be found in *The Patriot Ledger* and New Bedford's *Standard-Times*.

And the Sun Chronicle tries to find lessons to be learned from Hill's tragic death.

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