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Who are the top players in the National Football League...what about in your fantasy league? And what kind of person was former Pat Ron Burton? Answers to all those questions in today's News Blitz.

Let the debates begin!

No, not the 2008 Presidential election debates...those have been going on for months now. We're talking about who the best players in the NFL are today. has compiled a list of the Top 50. Three Patriots made the list, with Tom Brady fighting Peyton Manning for the very top spot. It was a close call, as you'll see.

Now's about the time you should be ordering the draft board for your fantasy football league. And when you get it, who's going to get the first few stickers? has a position-by-position ranking of the top fantasy players' value. Not surprisingly, many New England players are near the top of each category.

And in the last of a series, the Boston Herald profiles the third former Patriot who's been nominated for the Patritos Hall of Fame.

The late Ron Burton is described by his widow, JoAnn, as a man who certainly loved football. But his love for other people defined who he was.

"Ron always talked about caring," JoAnn Burton is quoted today. "His whole life was based on caring, and how you treat other people, and caring and loving. And I think this is the way the caring is being shown back. That's just a whole other level. He made an impression. People really cared about him, and they still do today."

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