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Best of Radio Wed Sep 20 - 04:00 PM | Thu Sep 21 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 7/6/2007

The latest on Samuel's and Harrison's contracts, plus, is Tom Brady the player the Pats just can't win without? You get to today's News Blitz.

Still no movement (as far as we know) on the Asante Samuel situation.

But on, you'll find an interesting take on the Pats'cornerback as he considers his next move in contract negotiations. Their advice to Asante: stay put, at least for another year.

Meanwhile, fellow DB Rodney Harrison is making contract news today. Harrison has reworked his deal to save New England some salary cap space this season.

How indispensable is Tom Brady to the Patriots? Very, according to They explain why in a column today. And they give fans a chance to give their opinions. You can vote for the players you think are the most indispensable to their teams in both the AFC and NFC.

And a lot of people may be on vacation this week, but not the blogging community. You'll find a piece out there analyzing the head coaches in the AFC East, with New England's Bill Belichick leading the pack.

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