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Replay: Patriots Unfiltered Tue May 21 - 02:00 PM | Thu May 23 - 09:55 AM News Blitz - 9/24/2007

Moss steals the show (again), but the New England defense isn't too shabby, either. Opinions galore about the team's latest blowout win in today's News Blitz.

Just how good is Randy Moss?

Ask the guy who tried to cover him on his breathtaking, 45-yard TD Sunday, his second of the afternoon from Tom Brady.

"You've got to give Randy credit," said Bills defensive back Jabari Greer in a Boston Globe feature today. "It doesn't matter how big you are, how tall you are, how fast you are, it's, 'Can you finish the play?'

"Randy makes plays. And Tom put the ball in a good spot on that throw. There's a million things I could have done to improve my odds, but in the end, all you can do is give the man credit for catching it."

"We're watching him too," Pats linebacker Tedy Bruschi admitted. "You see the replay [of the catch against Greer] on the Jumbotron, and you see that it's a one-handed catch, and we just look at each other and start shaking our heads."

As good as Moss and the Patriots have been on offense, their defense is playing equally impressively. Yet, despite giving up an average of only 11 points per game so far, CB Asante samuel is among those Patriots who aren't satisfied with their performance.

"There's a lot to improve. We haven't stopped anybody in the red area yet," Samuel pointed out in today's Boston Herald. "(The Bills) came out and they drive I don't know how many yards, but they drove it down our throats and they scored a touchdown. We've got to try to eliminate some of those."

"We're doing OK," DL Jarvis Green concurred. "It's a long season. The way you start doesn't dictate the way you're going to end. We've got to just play better. It's not perfect."

Maybe not, Jarvis. But according to a Providence Journal columnist, you and your New England teammates are destined for another AFC East the very least.

And it's Moss' play-of-the-day that's cited as proof.

"It was a really nice play," head coach Bill Belichick conceded. "It was really good coverage by Greer. There was almost no space to get the ball in there.

"When Brady let it go, it looked to me like it was going to be incomplete. It didn't look like there was much room for the ball to get in there and, if it did, the defender would probably get it. When the ball left (Brady’s) hand, the last thing I was thinking was: `This is going to be a touchdown.’ Somehow, it dropped just beyond the corner(back), just inside the sideline, right into Randy's hands."

And in the Hartford Courant, CB Ellis Hobbs offers his advice on how to guard Moss.

"I'll guard him with a prayer. Just: `Lord, please allow him not to catch the ball on me.'"

But Greer, Moss' latest victim, put it best in that same article when he said simply, "I got Mossed."

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