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Patriots fans win 2009 season tickets in Mock Draft Contest

Stephen Vieira of Fairhaven, Mass. and Tom Rubino from Centerville, Mass.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Stephen Vieira of Fairhaven, Mass. and Tom Rubino from Centerville, Mass. both won a pair of 2009 season tickets on the 50-yard line at Saturday's 2009 Patriots Draft Party powered by

The tickets were the grand prize in the 2009 Patriots Mock Draft Contest. After the first round of the NFL Draft, both Vieira and Rubino had correctly predicted nine picks and both answered three tie breaker questions correctly. As a result, the Patriots awarded two grand prizes, with both Vieira and Rubino receiving a pair of 50-yard line season tickets for 2009.

Vieira has attended 15 Patriots Draft Parties and studies the NFL Draft every year.

Rubino, already a Patriots season ticket holder with seats in the 21st row of Section 302, will now be watching his favorite team from the 50-yard line. He said he would take his daughter, Melanie, to the their first Patriots game in the new seats.

"It was great ending to the day, that's for sure," said Rubino.

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