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Patriots locker room quotes

New England Patriots players offer their comments from the locker room after their 24-17 win over the New Orleans Saints.

Michael Stone, Safety
(On the close finish)
We made the game a lot closer than it needed to be. It was a close game at the end.
They started to pass the ball a lot and we were trying to keep them out of the end zone, so they got a few short passes and a few catch and runs and worked it down field on us. A big thing for us was keeping them out of the end zone and keeping the big plays out of the game.

(On working with the same defensive backs for three weeks)
It was a change and we are starting to get a little chemistry going on. For the last three weeks we have been over communicating. Everybody knows what everyone else is doing and now everybody is starting to trust what everyone is doing. It is working for us and we are talking and everyone trusts each other.

(On Aaron Brooks and the Saints passing game)
They have a pretty good passing game and they came to play today. We challenged their receivers and they had a few dropped passes based on looking at our last week's film and seeing that we do hit and we are a physical defense.

(On his development)
Just playing is good experience. Whether it is all throw or all run it is good experience. I am learning every game. I learn in practice just as much as in the game. This is the NFL. Everybody is good. It is all about schemes.

Rosevelt Colvin, LB
(On back to back wins)
We finally got a little bit of consistency out there today. We have tried to come out and play at a high level playing at home. It was a big today. We came off a big win at Miami and we backed it up with our play today. The guys played hard and fought all through today to get the win.

(On the win)
We played better in some areas today. I will have to take a look at the film to see exactly where the improvement was. Anytime you win a ball game it is a plus because of how difficult the league is.

Rosevelt Colvin, LB
(On team improvement)
Guys are trying to commit themselves more to be focused every single minute of the game, practice and in meetings. That is what we need, accountability.

Christian Fauria, Tight End
(On Coach Belichick's loss of his Dad)
It is tough to lose your Dad at any age, then you throw in someone who is a head coach in the middle of a crazy season of football. It is a high-pressure situation. It would break the average man. I'm sure he's going to handle his family stuff over the next couple of days. We have Thanksgiving, a road game, so it is not getting any easier for us.

(On the close game)
I thought we came out and played really well on the first two series, then we kind of hiccupped a little bit. Again as we sit here we always say, 'We made enough plays to win the game.' In this league right now, that's good enough. And we won two in a row. No rest for the weary, we are right back at it tomorrow morning.

Tedy Bruschi, LB(On Coach Belichick's Loss of his Dad)
I didn't get any read on Bill that anything had happened. He is so focused during the week, especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He gets so focused you can't really tell anything is going on. We all have a heavy, heavy heart for him and his family today.

Ben Watson, Tight End
(On Game)
Overall, I think we did a good job moving the ball, but we definitely still have those lows where we are going three and out. We have to improve our consistency

(On First Drive)
It was great to be involved in the offense early. It was great to see the ball come my way and it's fun. That is what you go out there and practice so hard for. It was great to be able to go out there and help the team.

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver(On the win)
It was good for us today. We needed it. We just have to go out and execute our plays each and every time. We knew our defense would be able to withstand that last drive. I feel bad that we put them in that position. I wish we could have stayed on the field and made a couple more plays.

Heath Evans, Running Back
(On his success)
I fit in here right now. Due to an unlucky injury situation, I have been blessed to get opportunities and the o-line has been good two weeks in a row. The tight ends have blocked extremely well and as a team we have made stuff happen when we needed to. Having Patrick (Pass) back today was a great addition.

Patrick Pass, Running Back
(On the Patriots' running game)
That was nice today. The running game was something that we worked on over the course of the week. We wanted to run the ball 25 plus times and average like 4 yards a carry. We hoped if we could do that we would come out with a victory and we did that today. We (Heath Evans and himself) tried to do what we do best when we were in the game, which is run the ball and keep the chains moving.

(On the close ending)
We like to keep it interesting. We just try to go out and do the best we can. We played our hearts out today. It is nice to win two in a row, especially this one at home.

(On hearing of Steve Belichick's passing)
It was shocking. It was one of those things that was very unexpected. Bill is a trooper for coming in and coaching the game.

Ellis Hobbs, Cornerback
(On the secondary)
We are starting to feel each other a little bit and know what type of a game all of us out there play. You get that through practicing. This is the NFL, they (the Saints) get paid too and they are going to make some plays. As much as they make their plays, we will make ours too.

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