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Patriots locker room quotes

Patriots players comment from the locker room on New England 16-3 win over the New York Jets.

Rosevelt Colvin, LB
*(On the play of the Defense)
*I think any time the offense can stay on the field it is a benefit for us, that means we can stay rested. I think it was more of an issue of us trying to do better on the defensive side of the ball. Like, stopping the run, putting the opposing team in second-and-long and getting them off of the field on third down. That also helps out the offense. The more they get in a groove, the more they can get things going. I think we did a better job of playing team defense this week and hopefully we can keep it going into next week.

Any time you can get a win it is satisfying, when you have the opportunity to win in this league, because obviously it is going to be hard week in and week out facing a tough divisional opponent.

Vince Wilfork, DL*(On the win)
*We are going to have to continue to win, to get into the playoffs and go further in the playoffs. We are going to have to make this a copycat effort, it is going to feel good coming in tomorrow and look at the tape and see some positive things. We can look forward. Anytime you play a game you never play a complete game, you'll get close to it. You'll always make little mistakes and we can always get from this. It is a positive thing right now that we came out with a win against a great team like the Jets. We just have to take this game and keep building on it.

*(On Game approach)
*How we approach the game is that we want to win. We don't care how. We just want to win. I think today a lot of people felt this game would make or break us. We proved to ourselves that we were capable of doing what we want to do when we put our minds to it. When everybody does their job, get their techniques right, right run fit, good pass coverage, we held them to three points and it shows. We have to continue to make an effort to improve. We can't go backwards from here. We have to look at this film and move forward.

Mike Cloud, RB*(On returning to the Patriots)
*It has been an emotional roller coaster through the last couple of days. I got the call to come back on Friday morning, so I had a lot of catching up to do to be active for the game. I had a lot of studying I had to do, like special teams plays and obviously the new plays on offense. I have to keep rolling with punches and make plays.

Kevin Faulk, RB*(On his return)
*It felt good getting back in the groove, and playing with the guys. That's the most important thing, getting out there again and having fun with them. I think that's what we are supposed to do as offense, kill some time on the clock and run the ball, pass the ball and be a balanced attack and score.

*(On being ready right away today)
*I credit the entire coaching staff, the trainers, the strength and conditioning coaches, for not bringing me back to soon. If it was up to me, I probably would have tried to come back two or three weeks ago, but they wanted me to be full strength. I would have played as much as they wanted me to today. That is my job. Whenever the coaches ask me to do something, that's what I want to do, help the team win, no matter what it is.

Troy Brown, WR*(On Corey Dillon being back)
*Another healthy body, that's all we're asking for is to get some healthy bodies on the field. He was just being Corey, just running. That's all he does, just run.

*(On clock control)
*That's always important, we can keep the ball and they don't have it and they don't have a chance to score with it. If we don't turn it over we have a pretty good chance of winning. I think we could be a little better in the red zone and get some touchdowns on the board instead of field goals. It was good for Adam [Vinatieri] today so he became the all time leading scorer, so I guess he was happy about kicking all the field goals but we have to do a little better down there. The team played a lot better today especially in the second half. Every little inch counts in this kind of weather.

Ben Watson, Tight End*(On the importance of Tom Brady putting up good numbers in the game)
*Tom is a great quarterback. Last week was tough for all of us. He wasn't the only one who made mistakes out there. We all didn't play up to the level we should have and it was great to see him out there making plays and leading us to a victory.

*(On the win)
*It was great, the most important thing we could have done out there was win.

Tedy Bruschi, LB*(On the Game)
*It was a cohesive effort on time of possession for both teams. It is a divisional game. I don't care what the score is or who we are playing, Buffalo, Miami, or New York. We need to get the win and put some distance between us and the other teams in the division.

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