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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/14/2012

New England Patriots players addressed the media following their regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, October 14, 2012. Read their quotes below.



(On breaking the patter of not being able to finish games...)
"Obviously that is what we are going to have to do. It starts on the practice field with the stuff that we have to work on."

(On difficulties in the red zone...)
"We need to execute the plays. When it really matters we are not executing when we needed certain plays. Lets not put it all on one or two plays, we had so many opportunities to put this game away early and we didn't."

(On if the team lacks a killer instinct...)
"No I think we have it. We have it we are just not executing. That is the name of the game. We have done a good job of moving the ball but are not finishing drives. We had a lot of flags and some turnovers and you can't come into this type of environment and do those things and expect to win the game."


(On if he can pinpoint the trouble with finishing teams off...)
"Not really. We talk about playing good 60 minutes of football and today we just seem to come up a little bit short. These close games like this especially where we have the lead in the fourth quarter you have to be able to put it away. We just weren't able to do that today."

(On the frustrating of losing after leading for so much of the game...)
"Right now it's very frustrating. But we just have to get back to work and work on these things. Make sure that we are pushing through and win the games in the end."

(On the red zone difficulties...)
"Yes, they have a good defense. They did a great job down there and we didn't really have the threat of being able to run the ball in that situation and I think that hurt us a little bit but they have a good defense. I think that is what it comes down to and especially in the red area not being able to come away with points is disappointing."

(On how physical was the Seahawks secondary...)
"Physical. They are all over six-feet. They are all big guys, they are all physical guys."

(On the coming back from the big hit...)
"That is playing football. Going out there and just trying to make plays, trying to help the team move the ball down the field. Unfortunately it just wasn't enough today."

(On rating the Seahawks defense...)
"They are up there. They are a very good defense. They did a very good job today and we didn't capitalize on a lot of situations, but hats off to them."


(On what make the difference...)
We didn't make enough plays. Plain and simple. That's all I have. We didn't make enough plays. We lost. We're moving on. That's the way it is. I'm very frustrated. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say I'm not. I'm very frustrated. I don't know what else to say.I'd probably lose my head right now, but (I'm) very frustrated. We just didn't make enough plays when it counted, and it cost us.

(On if it's hard to be on a team this talented and have a 3-3 record...)
Who knows? We're 3-3. Plain and simple. It's not a magic wand. We're 3-3 for a reason. Until we do something about it we're going to continue to have problems. Just didn't make enough (plays). Just didn't do enough today, and it cost us.

(On if Seattle QB Russell Wilson was more elusive than expected...)
Nope. We knew exactly what he was going to be. Everything they did, we knew what they were going to do. They didn't shock us. Nothing shocked us. We didn't make enough plays.

(On if he feels frustrated because the team didn't capitalize on opportunities...)
We had a lot of opportunities. We didn't nothing about it, so it is what it is.


(On if the secondary paused on its coverage on Rice on the final TD...)
We're not going to discuss that now, but we'll watch the film and figure that out.

(On if the defense yielded too many big plays...)
We didn't make enough plays. We gave up plays, we didn't make plays on our own, and that's what it came down to today.

(On letting Seattle get going after bottling up its offense earlier...)
It's disappointing. We could have played better. They did a good job of keep fighting and trying to make plays. We've got to play better.

(On if he thought New England would be 3-3 after six games...)
It doesn't matter. It all depends on how we play.


(On Seattle's final touchdown...)
You've got to make a play when you need to make it, and I didnn't.

(On how the play to Rice unfolded...)
I got beat. I accept that. We were in simple coverage. He made the play and I didn't.

(On if Rice used a double move...)
He ran a route, and I didn't do what I'm supposed to do, and he converted on the play.

(On communication in the secondary...)
We don't have any excuses. We've got to be prepared. We just didn't make enough plays down the stretch.

(On Seattle QB Russell Wilson...)
He's a good player. He made more plays than we did.

(On keeping Seattle bottled up for most of the game...)
At the end of the day, they won the game, we didn't. I ain't going to make no excuses about it. I'v e just got to come out and do better. At the end of the day we've got to win games, and we didn't get it done today.

(On if Seattle showed more aggressiveness in the passing game..)
They did exactly what we thought they were going to do. They just made more plays than we did.

(On if there is any common denomenator in New England's losses...)
Everybody's got to do their job. The coverage is not designed to (let somebody) get over the top like that. Everybody do their job we should be fine. You've got to make the play. Those guys made the plays and we didn't.

(On if inexperience played a role in the final TD...)
I'm held accountable just like everybody else on this team. I don't expect them to take no slack on me because I'm a rookie. I've got to make the play. That's why my teams puts me out there for; they expect me to make a play, and I should have.


(On the outcome...)
We had our chances, and we didn't score enough points. We should have been in the 30s and we just didn't get it done. When it was time to make plays we didn't make them. We didn't run the ball as good as we should have and we didn't score enough points. We could have put a lot more pressure on them right before halftime, but we let that one get away. We go the ball in a great spot and didn't get any points out of it. We got down there again and could have made it three scores, and we turned the ball over. When you get down there, you've got to score points. That's the difference in this league. We've got good players, guys who care about the team. We've just got to make plays when they're there. We can't make mistakes in those big situations.


(On the final play of the first half...)
"We thought we could take a shot at a touchdown there. I just have to throw the ball away a little closer to one of our guys. That is what it comes down to. Its tough to give up three points, we got a fortunate break on the muffed point...that is why you lose games because you squander opportunities to score points."

(On if the final play of the first half was supposed to go to the sidelines...)
"We had some different options on the route, some guys were breaking inside I just threw it a little too far to the middle. I should have just thrown it more to the outside."

(On if the outcome is surprising considering the Patriots level of execution...)
"I think we just need to do a better job when it counts. We moved the ball up and down the field, a lot of guys were making plays, a lot of guys made some really great plays and we had some really good opportunities to score points. The interception in the end zone on the throw to Wes (Welker), we are driving the ball and I throw an interception to Sherman up the seam. I make a play at the end of the half to squander three points and you lose by one point and there are a lot of things we could have done better to not be in that situation. We have to do a better job and I have to do a better job."

(On if there was any thought of taking the three at the end of the first half...)
"Sure that is my responsibility to take care of the football and do something good with it. When the play comes into the sidelines they are not thinking that we are going to have intentional grounding. They trust me to be smart with the ball and to get three at the worst and I just made a bad play."

(On the Seattle defense...)
"They are a good defense no doubt about it. They can rush the passer they have been doing that all season. They can cover well, we had quite a few yards, and moved the ball up and down the field at times but we just really squandered some scoring opportunities. That is what the game came down to, a one point game and opportunities in the red area for a touch down and other opportunities to put points on the board and we just didn't do it."

(On this team seeming to lack a killer instinct...)
"We did it last week against Denver. I thought we made some plays at the end of the game last week to do it. We just didn't do it this week. We are three and three and obviously that is not a very good record. We played some tough games on the road and showed a lot of toughness and we just have to execute better. I think that is what it comes down to."

(On the amount of mental mistakes and why this team seems to make more of them than in years past...)
"I am not sure. I think the play at the end of the half was a mental mistake. That's football; you make mistakes in the game. It certainly isn't a game of perfect. You have to overcome whatever mistakes you make. You have to do enough to win the game and today we didn't do enough to win the game. It's very frustrating. We played some very good football today at times but obviously not well enough over the course of a game to come out on the winning end."

(On playing for the first time in Seattle and the impact of the crowd...)
" The opponent was the wasn't the crowd or the weather or the refs. It was the Seahawks and we lost to a good football team. They certainly play well at home. We had an opportunity and we just didn't get it done."

(On how he would rate Seattle's defense...)
"They are a good defense. They really force you to make good plays. When we made them today we did a good job and when we made bad plays they took advantage of them. They have a good secondary and a good pass rush. Obviously they are a very good team. They are playing well."

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