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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/8/2006

New England Patriots players offer comments on their 20-10 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Stephen Gostkowski, Kicker

(On field conditions and adjusting to them)
It's tough. You have to adjust. You have to do what you can to adjust to kick in that situation. You have to shorten up. That's about all I can think of. Just try to get your best plant. You can't run at it full force in that stuff and try to kill it. Practice on it and wear the proper cleats, that's about all I can say.

(On Olindo Mare's blocked kick)
You don't wish that on anybody else because it could come back and happen to you.

(On forgetting bad games)
I don't read anything. I just work hard and try to think of other things away from football.

Artrell Hawkins, Defensive Back

(On Miami games)
Certain teams, whenever you play in a division, you're used to playing each other and seeing each other. It's going to be tough any way you break it down. Every time we line up against a division opponent, it's going to be a tough game.

(On Asante Samuel's interceptions)
He read a route and stepped in front of it and made a great play. On the second one, he was Johnny-on-the-spot. He was hustling and covering his guy and it happens like that sometimes. We got points off of both of his turnovers and we needed that to win the game.

Jarvis Green, Defensive Lineman

(On bye week)
We have a few guys beat up but not seriously. It's a big week for us to rest and it's also a big thing to be 3-0 in the division. I think it would be a lot different if we were 4-1 without any division wins yet.

Asante Samuel, Corner Back

(On interceptions)
Turnovers are huge. It's the best way to defeat another team. If you win the turnover battle, you have a good chance to win. It was a flat coverage for us. I went for the ball and went up and got it. Every week you watch the films on different teams and you get a couple hints. They like to go outside a little bit.

(On points off turnovers)
The offense helps us out and we help the offense out. It's a team so whenever they're struggling, we have to pick it up and whenever we're struggling, they have to pick it up.

(On one turnover in the first three weeks)
We played some tough games but once the turnovers start kicking in, it helps out big.

(On defensive intensity)
The first half we kind of went after them a little bit and in the second half we kind of laid back. You have to mix it up and try to confuse the offense.

(On having best games against Miami)
Being from down there, I know a couple guys on the team so I can talk a little smack when I see them out.

(On secondary)
I've been here a little longer than a couple of the guys so I know the defense a little better. We help each other out. It's not just me. It's me, Rodney [Harrison], Chad [Scott], Ellis [Hobbs], Artrell [Hawkins]. We communicate with each other and try to do our best.

(On Harrington's start)
We prepared a little bit for both situations. The coaches did a good job with that.

Rodney Harrison, Strong Safety

(On mentality)
It's really no different mentality. I've been preaching about turnovers the entire year. At the beginning of the season, we weren't able to get them. We're starting to create some turnovers now. Guys are doing a good job of flying around and getting their hands on the ball and Asante [Samuel] had a couple of picks for once in his life [laughs].

(On points off turnovers)
It's huge. That's what we expect. They expect us to get them the ball and we expect them to score. Our offense fought the entire day. It's tough going against that defense. We always struggle against that defense and they always come up with big plays. They are strong and big and physical and to get that win was huge.

(On defense)
We're getting better but we're still giving up some plays down the field. There were some broken coverages and guys losing their responsibilities. We have a lot to improve on but we did a good job today of keeping the ball in front of us and not giving up that huge play down the field.

(On success)
We've had success here. We have the makeup. We have the core guys who have been here and won a lot of championships, a great coaching staff, and every one seems to work well together. We don't panic. We lost against Denver and every one was telling us that we were the worst team in the league and then all of a sudden we beat Cincinnati and now we're the best team in the league. We do a pretty good job of just staying even keel and not getting too high or too low.

Junior Seau, Linebacker

(On big plays)
We're just executing better. We're just going out there and executing our game plan and doing the things that we need to do. Whenever that happens, you're going to be in the win column.

(On preparing for Harrington)
We didn't have a chance to. We did what we had to do and we stuck to our game plan, which was shutting down the run and forcing them to pass. It worked out well for us today.

(On bye week)
Whenever you can get a win against a divisional opponent, it's a big game. We did that today and hopefully we'll be able to continue that. We have a bye week so obviously that's going to help all of our injuries. It's going to be a tough year, but we're looking forward to it.

(On Miami's defense)
They have a great front seven and they're tough in the middle with Zach Thomas and Channing [Crowder]. They have a front four that puts a lot of pressure on you. For the most part what you have to do is just go out there and execute; it's a simple game. They have pride in playing the game.

Troy Brown, Wide Receiver

(On points off turnovers)
We didn't create any turnovers in the first three games. We got some big ones last week and some big ones this week. So far we've been able to score off all of them. That's always a plus and that was the difference in the game today.

(On offensive consistency)
A lot of it was us and a lot of it was that defense over there. They're pretty good. They've always been pretty good and they're playing even better now. They put a lot of pressure on us, batted down four or five balls today and made some good plays on the football too. We have to give them some credit.

(On approaching all-time receiving record)
I don't really think about that. I just want to go out and do whatever they ask me to do: play defense, special teams, whatever it may be. I just like to play my role and I like to do it pretty well. But if it happens, then it happens and hopefully it happens when we're winning.

(On success the Miami defense has had the last few years against the Patriots)
I don't think they really confuse us. They just get after it. It is a tough defense. They have good pass rushers. They are always good against the run. They have some big boys in the middle and some speed on the edges. The DB's get after you. They make it tough on you. We just have to be able to hang in there and take the little dink and dunks when you have a chance and if you get any shots on them, you have to hit them when you take them.

(On what needs to improve in the passing game)
Just guys getting more familiar with each other and with Tom [Brady]. Just getting in a rhythm and getting it going and being more consistent. We have come a long way from Day 1. Doug [Gabriel] has been here five weeks. Reche [Caldwell] has been here since just the offseason. It takes time. I think we are getting better. I see us improving.

(On the touchdown)
I just slipped the guy inside and Tom saw me in there and he just threw it down low where you need to throw it in the end zone. I made a play on the ball down there.

(On the patience shown by Tom Brady on his touchdown)
He is going to take his reads. I don't know what defense he saw, but he is going to take his reads. He is going to progress from there. I was able to beat the guy inside and he kept his eye on me and was able to put it down where he needed to put it.

Tedy Bruschi, Inside Linebacker

(On going into the game vs. the Dolphins)
It's a divisional battle and we always know it's going to be close and we didn't see them as a 1–3 team. We saw them as someone who always plays us tough and just focused on the games we played against them, and they were all close, so we really had some respect for them.

(On defending Joey Harrington instead of Daunte Culpepper)
We heard Harrington got some reps early in the week and we figured it was a possibility. I was still thinking Culpepper up until game time, until we heard it was going to be Joey. We really didn't change much because it was really thrown upon us at the last minute. We had our game plan and stuck with it.

(On going into the bye week after a win)
A bye week is so much more enjoyable when you have a win to think about. We are 4-1 and going into a bye and I know coach is giving us a break a little bit and giving us a few days off and it will be nice to just recoup.

(On winning games even when the defense struggles at times)
We have had our struggles and the biggest complaint we had about ourselves was we weren't creating turnovers. In the first three weeks we only had one interception. We wanted to win that battle and the last few weeks they started coming for us. To do that, we take the ball away for them and put our offense in good field position.

Heath Evans, Full Back

(On being on the side winning side of close game wins)
When I was running off field today and talking to Junior Seau, I said, aren't you glad we are finally apart these things. For years you watch these games and you are puzzled at the end of games thinking how do they do this. Being here I still don't know how we do it but we just seem to get it done. Its fun doing things as a team and walking off the field with a lot of pride for your team instead of a quarterback, running back, or a line backer.

(On how it felt to score)
It feels great scoring here and it doesn't hurt doing it against your old team. It came at a good time where it kind of took the wind out of their sails. It was a great throw and a great scheme to play for what we knew on how they were going to play us on the goal line. It worked and that's some credit to Bill [Belichick] and his coaching staff.

(On last official touchdown)
The last one in a real game was during my last year at Auburn. There weren't too many in Auburn either with Rudi [Johnson] and the backs that were there. My last touch down was during my senior year and it was against Michigan in a bowl game. We lost that game.

(On his first career touchdown)
It's kind of funny. My wife has been telling me for years that I need to get one that counts in a regular season game. It came at a good time for this team. It gave us a comfortable lead to not to put it on cruise control, but to get in that mode to run the clock out and win the game.

(On playing little at tight end)
That spot and shifting out and doing different stuff. My M.O. has always been put me where you want me and I'll do the best I can and hopefully I'll get the job done right. That's kind of what we did today. A bunch of people had to do different stuff. A typical Patriot win.

(On his touchdown catch)
Most of the times Tommy is not that type of 'floater' quarterback; usually he'll put it right on the spot, so when I saw that thing lobbed up I'm thinking a couple of things—one, I know I'm close to being out of bounds and two, I know that Zach Thomas is screaming over the top of these picks that we just set on him. Luckily I got my feet in and Tommy had a perfect pass as usual. It all worked out.

(On getting more snaps with Daniel Graham inactive)
That's what this team is about. You see Troy on defense last week. You fill in where you can. Dan is a huge loss for us any week, but this is a Patriot win. You fill in and get the job done.

(On Troy Brown)
He'd unbelievable. To think that a guy has been doing it as long as he has and his consistency, the burst of speed that he shows and the way that he gets his job done week in and week out, it's impressive.

Kevin Faulk, Running Back

(On playing against the Dolphins defense)
It was the same old Miami defense. They play hard and physical and you know you have to grind out every yard you get when you play against them.

(On the Patriots capitalizing on Miami's turnovers)
That's what you try to do when your defense gets the ball and creates turnovers, you have to try and put points on the board.

(On going into the bye week after a win)
A win always feels good especially one before a bye week. We still got things we have to work on and mistakes that happened so we have to go into it feeling confident.

(On if Miami's defense reminds him of the Patriots defense)
We know they run basically the same scheme as ours, but at the same time we know what kind of defense they are which is a physical and hard nose defense.

Ellis Hobbs, Cornerback

(On how his wrist feels)
You know a lot of my brothers and teammates were looking out for me. They were asking me if I really wanted to play or not, but I had it in my mind right after the Cincinnati game. They pay me to get on the field and play. I'm not here to sit around and I don't want to do that. Obviously, I had my wrist in a cast, but whatever we need to do, I needed to get out there and that was my whole mentality during the week.

(On when the decision was made that he was going to play in today's game)
The decision was made for me as soon as I got hurt. The only thing the coach's needed was confidence and getting me out there in practices. This week, I was flying around and making plays during practice. They asked me how I felt, and I said I felt confident that I could go out there and be a plus for the team and not hinder the team.

Mike Wright, Defensive Lineman

(On his big special teams plays)
If you would be in the film room on Monday you'd really find out that I have a lot of things to work on. Just because I made those two plays doesn't mean I'm OK on this one.

(On the blocked field goal)
I think it was a low kick. We were actually overloading the left side, trying to get pressure over there, and he was pretty much kicking across the field, because I think we were on the right hash, and he kicked a low ball and I got a little bit of a push and got a hand on it. So I was fortunate top get that. And the thing on the punt, you just keep coming. He popped it up or burped it up and I was there for the tackle.

(On how hard the hit on Donnie Jones was)
I think he might have been off balance. He was pretty vulnerable. As soon as he picked up the ball I was on him. I was trying to get to the ball but he got there in time.

(On his last blocked kick)
I blocked one in college against Miami of Ohio my senior year.

(On the blocked kick)
You just try to get some push and get your hands up. There's really no art to it.

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