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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 11/12/2006

New England Patriots players comment on their 17-14 loss to the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium.

Jabar Gaffney, Wide Receiver

(On what is wrong with the offense)
We were in and out, we will go look at the tapes and see what we are doing and why we are not putting up enough points to win the game. We did a lot of good things out there today, but we also did a lot of bad things too.

*(On his 33-yard catch down the sideline)
*They just gave us a good coverage for that play, and Tom [Brady] made a great throw. I just put my hands up and came down with it.

(On a good day for Florida receivers)
Yeah Reche [Caldwell] did a lot of good things out there today, made a lot of good catches and had the touchdown and helped put us in a position to win the game but we still came up short.

(On whether he is getting more familiar with the Patriots offense and Tom Brady)
I'm starting to feel more comfortable. The more time we spend together, the more comfortable I grow in the offense and the more confidence I earn from him and the rest of the coaching staff and the players and my teammates. I have been waiting patiently for my turn to go out there. When they call my number, I try to make a play.

(On whether the Patriots were able to establish a rhythm offensively)
We were in and out. We have to go look at the tape and see exactly what we were doing. We weren't able to muster up enough points to win the game. We did some good things out there today, but we did a lot of bad things too.

Reche Caldwell, Wide Receiver

(On today's game )
It's real tough. We couldn't score any points. They have a good team and a good defense and a lot of blitzing and they got to our quarterback. We didn't get going until the late in the second half and then it was too late. We didn't put enough points on the board and they beat us.

(On thinking the Patriots could win)
Yeah, even before we scored, we thought we had a chance. We go over the 2-minute drill everyday in practice so we are comfortable with it, but unfortunately we were unable to come up with enough plays to win the game.

(On his performance in today's game)
I think I played okay, but we didn't win the game and I think there were a few things I could have done better, so I didn't play well enough to win the game. We loose as a team, we win as a team.

(On the Touchdown)
I was singled up one-on-one and it got tipped on the line and I just tried to make a play on the ball and broke a tackle and I got into the end zone.

(On the problems with the offense)
I think we ran the ball well, we still did the things we do well, and we just couldn't get into the end zone. That is the main thing is we just couldn't score points.

(On if the Jets did anything different)
No. They did what we expected them to do, but they did blitz a little more then we expected and we had a little trouble with it and they won the game.

Mike Vrabel, Linebacker

(On if the Patriots' defense was tired at the end of the game)
I don't think we played very well. I don't think we played smart. Once we realized what they were doing early in the game with the weather conditions and the field, coaches and players need to make adjustments.

(On if the field's condition played a factor in the game)
Obviously it has an effect on the way it's played, but not the outcome. You have to look at it and do certain things like run it inside and throw the ball short. You have to take into consideration the field in any game.

(On the offense's turnovers)
We as a defense understand that those turnovers are going to happen and those guys are trying to make plays and turnovers occur. We need to go out there and continually shut them down and make a sudden change. Were going to need that and our offense is going to score and do all those things, but when they do slip up and have a turnover, we have to go out there and do our job.

Troy Brown, Wide Receiver

(On the loss)
We are always humble. Whether win or loose you remain humble. Obviously this is disappointing to lose and losing at home to a division rival. I wouldn't say that this loss was any more humbling than other games, but it's definitely very disappointing.

(On if he feels that the Patriots stopped themselves in the game)
You can't say that. The guys over there played their butts off. They sacked us, knocked balls down, batted balls down, and ran back kicks and they just beat us. Especially during the crucial situations like third down, penalties and whatever it may be.

(On if it was surprising that the offense couldn't tie the game for the second straight week)
Like I said, they get paid on their side of the ball too. It's disappointing when we can't put the ball in the end zone and it's also disappointing that we put ourselves in that situation. However you want to look at it... we aren't happy about it and you have to get through the grit and they came in and played their butts off.

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker

(On if the Jets did anything that was surprising)
No. There weren't any surprises. They played well and they ran the ball a little bit at times and converted third downs a lot and made big plays. The score down there in their end zone was huge for them and we tried to hold them to three. They played well and we didn't.

(On if the Patriots were affected by a slow start)
That's how the game goes, especially when you have conditions like that out there. I think both teams early on tried to establish a running game and short passing game and play possession football. I think both teams came out to win to start the game. We came out wanting to win the game but we just couldn't get it done today.

(On if the Patriots lost the "Trench Battle")
They had some success running the ball. One time they were in the red zone and they just kept running it and running it until they got into the end zone. On that particular drive I think we lost the trench battle. I haven't seen the film but there times when we did do well against the run and stacked it up in there and built a wall. However that one drive they did run on us.

Rosevelt Colvin, Linebacker

(On how frustrating the loss is)
Similar to last week, we come out and try to do some things that you would like to in the game and they don't necessarily happen the way you would like it to go. Then you get a shot at the end and it doesn't turn out in your favor. I think we have to do a better job of playing better early in the game and not put ourselves in that position.

(On if there were surprises)
No. I think they just went out and made the plays and they outplayed us and did what they needed to do. They went up and got the balls again for the second week in a row. We have to come down with those balls that are up in the air. And on the defensive side of the ball they came up with some big plays and on special teams. This is the second week in a row that we've gotten beat as a team and not just on one side of the ball. That's one thing we have to get corrected and get corrected fast because we only have seven more games left.

(On losing two games in a row)
Nobody was worried about losing two games in a row. I think we were trying to focus on winning one. A lot of that stuff is for you guys and the fans to talk about. That's not something we sit around and say, 'We haven't lost two games in a row.' We just go out and play.

(On the rarity of the Patriots losing two in a row)
Like I said, that's for you guys to talk about. This is a totally different team than it was last year, the year before that, 10 years ago. You can throw whatever stats you want out there. It doesn't really matter. It's a totally different group of guys. Coaching staff [and the] head coach may be the same, but you have to go out there and make the plays. If you don't make the plays, the result is... you come up on the bottom. It's not a good feeling. We have to go back to the drawing board and try to do some things a lot better than we did today.

(On losing at home)
I think [winning] home games is definitely important. You're at home; you don't have to travel; the offensive side of the ball doesn't have to work on crowd noise. It's difficult, but it's part of the game. They came in and they knew what they were facing when they came in and they matched the intensity of the crowd and they matched he intensity of us early and they prevailed in the end.

Jarvis Green, Defensive End

(On the team's struggles thus far in November despite recent success during the month in previous years)
I think it is something we have to look at as far as ourselves, individually and as a team, and just try to get better. We have a long season and two more weeks in November to play. We have to get ready for Green Bay and fix the things that we have done wrong the last two weeks.

(On the playing surface)
Everyone was playing on the same surface. It was balanced as far as the playing field for everybody. We just didn't make the plays at the right time. As far as them running the ball on third down, we just didn't do what we were supposed to do and get off the field like we should have. We just have to play better.

(On how the team will react after losing two in a row for the first time in quite a while)
We take it personally and we will go out there and try to perform well next week. The season still goes on and we have more work to do. We have to come out and practice better. We have to play better. We have to take it personal. We know it is November and we always say 'what you do in November, everybody remembers.' We have to come in tomorrow and just get better.

(On the reasons for the loss)
We just didn't play good football. The football we play around here ... we didn't do it today. We all know that. It went through the entire game. When we were supposed to stop them, we didn't.

(On the Coach [Bill] Belichick's message after the game)
We know it is not going to get any easier. The teams are getting better. We are going to Green Bay next week. Anyone can beat us the way we have been playing the last two weeks. We have to get out there and play better.

Artrell Hawkins, Safety

(On the Jets execution on third down)
Coming into the game we knew they were pretty good on third down. They moved the ball pretty good. We kind of got what we expected with the short crosses and shots here and there and [Chad] Pennington being accurate. It was pretty much what we expected. We just didn't make enough plays. Hats off to them.

(On the impact this game had on the division race)
We knew going in it was a big game. The best-case scenario, we win and put it out of reach and we lose and it's down to one-game division. We have to buckle down and now our backs are against the wall. We don't want to give that lead up.

(On the three losses at home)
We don't like that at all. That is probably one area I think everyone is the most upset about, especially when you have your hometown fans in the stands. You have to protect your own house. We haven't been able to do that on a consistent basis this year. That is something that needs to be addressed.

(On the aggressive play of the Jets)
I think they were aggressive, especially on defense, bringing a lot of pressure and giving different looks. They did a real good job preparing in that aspect. We didn't get enough turnovers on defense and gave them too many first downs. That is the story of the game.

(On Rodney Harrison missing from the secondary)
The guys out there that played today played hard. Obviously, Rodney being out isn't something that we wanted to have happen. I'm good friends with Rodney and I know it hurts him more than it hurts anybody. It was hard not having Rodney today, but we came out and played hard. We just didn't make the plays that we needed to win the game.

Richard Seymour, Defensive Lineman

(On the loss)
I think that's the bottom line. We didn't do enough to win. I think they outplayed us [and] they out-coached us, from top to bottom. They did a good job. Eric [Mangini] had those guys ready to play. It just seemed like we couldn't get into the flow of the game. They just kept us off balance [with] quick throws, quick runs ... just off balance all day. We didn't do enough. It was just one of those games where you try to get going but it just never happened for us. Late in the ballgame it looks like we're just about to turn things around, but just like last week, you wait too long and you don't come up with it.

(On losing second straight game)
Obviously, we play to win the game. That's the bottom line. When we play, we play to win. Any time you don't win, it's very disappointing. At the same time, we try to understand and learn from it. We still have almost half the season left to play. I think for this football team even in wins it's not to get too high, and even in losses we're not going to go down in the tanks. We just have to move forward.

(On Jets' offense)
They did a good job. They kept us off balance. They did a good job of mixing the passes. When we would rush up the field they'd run a draw. Eric [Mangini] had those guys ready.

(On Patriots' offense being out of sync)
It's uncharacteristic, but I think that they've kept us in a lot of football games. We just have to try to create more opportunities for those guys. Any time you have to go the length of the field, or on those long drives that they get the ball on the 5- or 10-yard line and have to go 80-90 yards, it's hard to score that way. I think more so than anything more credit has to go to the Jets for being ready to play.

Vince Wilfork, Defensive Line

(On defensive struggles)
We played bad as a team. We have to get back to work tomorrow. We give them a lot of credit. They deserve it. They beat us. We just have to learn from this and keep going.

(On Ty Warren being out)
Even if Ty was playing, it would've been the same outcome. We had 11 guys on defense playing. It doesn't matter who was playing and who wasn't. We're not going to make any excuses. We got beat today. That's the bottom line. We lost.

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