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Patriots postgame quotes

New England Patriots players offer their comments on their 28-0 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rosevelt Colvin, Linebacker(On the defense)
We continue to take steps in the right direction. We got a win and they put zero points on the board. We have to keep moving. We have a big game Monday night. Having Tedy back is a big reason. It was a boost for the fans and a boost for the team. I think he and Vrabel are starting to feel real good out there.

*(On the offense)
*My money is on Tom and the offense to put the ball in the endzone and the more opportunities you give them the better the chances are of coming out on top. Any time you get a turnover, that gives the offense an extra opportunity.

Richard Seymour, Defensive Tackle*(On the AFC East hat)
*It is a nice hat. I will add it to the others. It is a good feeling to have the opportunity. It is a step towards our ultimate goal. It is good to beat a good football team like Tampa Bay and the way we did it was impressive. We wanted to stop the run and we did a good job of that today.

Tim Dwight, Wide Receiver*(On the return of David Givens)
*He is a big physical receiver and can get down the field on you. He makes huge plays and it is so important to have your main guys back. When Givens was down, it definitely hurt because in order to win you need your players on the field.

Andre Davis, Wide Receiver*(On the offense and nine different receivers catching passes today)
*Anytime you make plays you make the other teams adjust to you. That is the way New England has always done it and that is why I love being on this team. Everybody gets an opportunity to make a play so you have to make sure you are prepared at all times. You might not get any balls in the first quarter or the first half but you have to be prepared. Tom (Brady) is great at getting the ball to the open guy. You always have to be alert.

Christian Fauria, Tight End*(On the Ashworth TD)
*That was awesome. A former Colorado tight end, you got to keep it in the family! I was so fired up for him. He caught it and it stuck to him like Velcro.

Josh Miller, Punter*(On the roughing the punter call)
*I didn't have to do anything really. We got the ball back and it led to a touchdown and that was pretty good. You don't need acting in there. You stay down, look around and see if there is a flag. You walk to the sideline and see the offense come back out and know that is a good thing.

Artrell Hawkins, Defensive Back*(On the play of the defense)
*They did a lot of shifting and we had to assess the passing strength and assess the rushing strength and sometimes you don't see things. On one particular play, I didn't see the formation correctly and I made a check that wasn't right. Tedy said 'No, this is where you are supposed to be.' Little things like that make a team play better defense. It is great to have help from guys like Bruschi, McGinest and Wilson who have been here and know about winning championships and winning defenses.

*(On the shut out)
*The shut out is nice but we really just want to win games. You continue to play football. You don't let up. The shut out is good. It boosts team morale but you have to make sure it doesn't give you a false sense of security. You have to keep working.

*(On his AFC East Champions T-Shirt and Hat)
*It is the first time I have ever had these so I am wearing them home.

Ellis Hobbs, Defensive Back
*(On the shut out)
*It matters. We are all competitors here and when it starts getting close and you realize it can happen, you really want the shut out. It is about not letting up, playing for four quarters, playing hard till the end of the game. Everyone is playing hard and playing for each other. I got a new shirt and hat out of it too. The crowd was very much involved. Whatever was said during the week seemed to have got them excited.

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