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Patriots postgame quotes

New England Patriots players offer their comments from the locker room after their 28-26 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Richard Seymour, DL*(On playing Jacksonville)
*I have not seen much of Jacksonville, I definitely know that we are going to have to do a lot of studying and get real familiar with these guys quickly. Just from looking at them from afar, we know they are a tough, physical football team that has a good defense and they like to run the football and they have playmakers. We do not make the schedule. We just have to play who is on it. We are taking it one game at time at this point and then move on to another.

*(On the Division title and end to the season)
*I think from the last few games at the end of the season, we did a better job and got better as a football team. We are not to the elite level that we want to be, hopefully we can continue to get better and be there on Saturday or Sunday. I think we finished the season strong, but that has no bearing on the post season at this point. It is a one game season and we understand that and it is going to be exciting. This is the reason you play football, to be in the postseason and play some of the elite teams.

Ty Warren, DL*(On heading into the post-season)
*Confidence comes from our preparation during the week. That has a lot to do with our confidence heading into the game. It is huge to win the Division, you get another shot and another chance to got out there and reach the ultimate goal. Everybody is at ground zero right now and we have a chance to go out there and do what we have to do and take it one game at a time and try and get to the promise land.

Benjamin Watson, TE*(On today)
*Today was disappointing because anytime you go out there you want to win the game. We are a pretty focused team and I think we will be ready to play next week. Right now we are focusing on recovering from this game, healing all the injuries and bruises and get ready to come into next week.

*(On the Offense)
*I definitely think we are doing a lot better than earlier in the season in a lot of areas, but obviously there are always a lot of things to work on. Coach Belichick will point those out to us and have us ready to play in the postseason.

Adam Vinatieri, K*(On the 49 Yard field goal and 101 points for season)
*That is what we thought our range was going to be today. The field was getting tough out there so it was nice that it went through. It is nice to have 100 points again this year, but that is a small little thing in the big scheme of things. Although, it is a nice thing to have.

*(On the playoffs and team expectations)
*We have achieved one of the goals that we tried to accomplish this year, win the Division and make the playoffs. Obviously there are many more goals in front of us. Our next goal is to advance to the next round. We are going to do the best we can. Jacksonville is a great team. They have 11 wins and deserve to be there. We will have to bring our best game to beat them. We have a lot of expectations now and our expectations are to play well. You obviously have to put the hard work in it and do it day by day. This is just one step on the ladder. It is a one game season now. Every time you step on the field, you have to be at your best game always. The team has to play well and everyone has to do their job and we have to give ourselves the best opportunity to win.

Doug Flutie, QB*(On Drop Kick)
*Chris Berman takes a lot of credit for this. He mentioned it to me about a month ago during practice and we talked about it. Bill [Belichick] asked me if I could do it and I said yes. We were hoping to do it last week but never got the opportunity and just out of the blue today we decided to kick it. I liked it better that way because I had no nerves about it. I just went out and did it.

Matt Cassel, QB
*(On his first performance)
*It went okay. It started out a little rocky, but once we got in to the flow of the game things started to pick up a little bit. It started to slow down a little for me mentally and I was able to read the coverage. So overall, I was satisfied with my performance, but at the same time there is a lot of work to be done. For me, I am really excited about getting the opportunity for my first real NFL action today and then be able to have the drive at the end of the game and have the opportunity to win. That is what I was looking for.

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