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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/20/2012

Various New England Patriots players addressed the media following their 27-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium on Monday, August 20, 2012. Read their quotes below.


Patriots QB Ryan Mallett

Q:That was really your first game action against another team's top defense. I know you haven't looked at the film yet, but what's your quick evaluation?

RM:Like you said, I haven't looked at the film yet. It felt pretty good getting in there, getting in a little rhythm. Like coach says, we have to go look at the film and evaluate ourselves. I always have high expectations, so I grade pretty hard, but we'll go look at it and see what to improve on.

Q:How comfortable did you feel in the pocket?

RM:It felt good. It felt good just to get back out there again after the last game. It's been like 10 days, so it's good to get out there and play again.

Q:What do you feel is the biggest difference between you now as opposed to a year ago?

RM:I know a little bit more of what's going on. Last year I didn't have a very good base; now I have a pretty good foundation that I can keep working to build on. That's what I'm doing every day is trying to build on that foundation.

Q:A lot of players in their second year talk about the game slowing down. Does it feel like it's slowing down for you?

RM:I'm getting more comfortable every time I go out there. At least I feel like that; it might not look like it, but it feels like it. Like I said, I'm just going to build on today and try to get better tomorrow.

Q:Can you talk about the touchdown pass to Alex Silvestro? Was that your first read?

RM:Alex did a good job getting open. I was looking over there to begin with and he beat the linebacker and the corner left, so I gave him a ball and he made me look good.

Q:Twenty-six players sat today. Can you talk about playing with some guys who are fighting to make the cut and haven't seen as much action?

RM:That's part of it. You get into a game and in the fourth quarter somebody might go down and somebody has to step in there that might not have been in there the whole week of practice, so it's just part of the game. You just have to get in there and trust your guys. I think we did a good job of that tonight and [we] just go out there and do our job.

Q:Were you surprised by how many penalties the Eagles committed?

RM:I wasn't keeping count, I don't know. There were a few I think, a few.

Q:It didn't surprise you at all? It was mostly their first-team guys.

RM:I haven't seen them practice, so I don't know. They might practice it.

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On how it felt for him to get his first preseason work in)
"I felt good, I felt pretty good. I was excited. I was happy to be back on the field.

(On if it was like riding a bike)
"No, it ain't like a riding a bike [laughs]. I was glad, though. I was excited."

(On being out there to return punts)
"I never got a chance to do it, man. One time the guy hit it pretty good and the next one he kicked away from me. Don't know why, I haven't been back there in years. Should've just kicked it to me and given me a chance [laughs]."

(On having a short week of preparation for a game on Friday)
"We'll find out tomorrow how it feels. Guys are going to be bruised up pretty bad. But this is part of the game. It's football. This is the schedule that was given to us and we have to go out there and do it. It will be a quick turnaround. I think once we get on the field, that's when guys will feel more in their realm. All the traveling and stuff might throw us off a little bit but I think we'll go out and be okay."

Brian Hoyer, Quarterback
(On what to take away from tonight's game)
"You try to give your guys a shot and hopefully we can make a few more plays. I just have to make some better throws and just keep working. I think there is a lot that we can look at on the tape and learn from. We haven't seen a lot of man-coverage during camp or the other game so it was good to get some live action with that."

(On the short layoff between games)
"It's going to be good for our team to have a quick turnaround and see how tough we are. We've got to get ready to go on Wednesday morning for practice and (have a positive) mentality to take what we learned from this game, move on, improve and go down to Tampa and work on those things."

(On the competition with backup quarterback Ryan Mallett)
"It's good. Obviously he did a pretty good job tonight and that will make me step up my level too. I'm sure when I look at it tomorrow, I'll wish I took a few more shots, had a few more completions or just gave my guy a better ball. You learn from it, move on and (know that) it's time to keep working."

(On playing against his former teammate, Nick Foles)
"It's crazy because he and Kirk Cousins were both at Michigan State with me, so to see him out there is good and he's doing a great job. I haven't talked to him since he transferred so it's good to see him doing well."

Alex Silvestro, Tight End
(On what he saw on the touchdown)
"I don't know, just the route they told me to run. I just went to what they said and it was open."

(On if he had nerves during his touchdown catch)
"Yeah it was a little nerves on that. Actually the first [catch] was a little bit worse because it felt like the ball was slower. I don't know, it was the first time so I was just trying to get back into it."

(On the throw from Ryan Mallett on his touchdown catch)
"When I turned around he threw it right on the money, so it was a good pass by [Ryan] Mallett. I just saw it and had to try to snag it."

Nate Solder, Offensive Line
(On if he felt the Eagles talented pass rush gave the offensive line problems)
"We worked hard; we tried to take the most from it that we could. They absolutely are great pass rushers, so it's a great challenge for us and it's a great way to keep learning and getting better."

(On the difficulty of playing next to a group of rotating players on the interior of the offensive line)
"Well, that's kind of the way we practice, with guys rotating and I guess that's what I'm most used to, really."

(On how he felt tonight compared to the first preseason game against the Saints)
"It's a building process and this is the next step. As long as we keep continuing to get better every day, that's kind of my goal right now."

Chandler Jones, Defensive End
(On the short week until the next game)
"It's football you know. You've got to be prepared to play every time and I feel we're still in a stage of training camp. You know, training camp we're practicing every day so I take every day of practice just like it's a game."

(On if he took a step forward during the second game)
"Yes, as in far of the level of experience. The more games under your belt the better and for me to go and have the opportunity to go out there and compete against another professional team is just great for me and my confidence. I'm glad we got that out of the way and we're [now] getting ready for Tampa [Bay]."

(On if preparation for Michael Vick was any different than other quarterbacks)
"[Michael] Vick is very different from a lot of different quarterbacks in the league. He scrambles and you just have to contain him and that's what we tried to do and you know he's just a great player."

(On if the Vick injury changed how the Eagles played)
"Not really. I mean it's the same offensive scheme they're running so it really doesn't change a lot depending on what quarterback is in there."

Nate Ebner, Defensive Back
(On if he was expecting to get that much playing time)
"Not in particular. I had a coach talk to me a little that I might get out there and just to play the best I can and they put me out there. So that is what was really going through my head."

(On if Patrick Chung going down had to do with the more playing time)
"Maybe. That was their decision you really have to ask them. I don't really know. They we're just like, 'Nate, you're in.' and that's what I did."

(On making an interception)
"The ball came out and I just tried to make a play. That's what I'm here to do, so it came to me and I did it and that's that."

(On the regularity that the ball seems to be finding him during practice and games thus far)
"I'm just trying to work hard and do my job and if it finds me, it finds me, so I got to make the play when it comes."

(On if he is starting to play with instincts)
"I would say I'm starting to get a feel for things, but you know it [starts] with practice and just getting better and you know just trying to get better every day, every week, so that's really my focus now."

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