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Paul's Calls: Mayo on the run

Jerod Mayo talks about the Giants running backs and the threat that each brings to the table.


INDIANAPOLIS – There has been plenty of talk about the high-powered Giants offense leading up to the Patriots arrival here in Indy, but most of that has centered around Eli Manning and the New York passing attack. Linebacker Jerod Mayo certainly recognized that but was quick to add a few kind words about the opponent's running game as well.

After pointing out that Manning was "on fire" and "making all the right decisions," Mayo turned his focus to the Giants backfield.

"Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and [D.J.] Ware as well. Those guys are very talented," Mayo said. "You have Jacobs and he is a real downhill runner. Bradshaw is really like a scatback but he's strong at the same time. Then you have Ware coming in on third down. He has great hands and can make a lot of plays in the screen game. So, they have a lot of weapons in the backfield."

Despite Mayo's praise, the Giants finished the regular season ranked dead last in rushing, averaging just 3.5 yards per carry as a team. Bradshaw, the team's leading rusher, had just 659 yards. However, the production has increased a bit in the postseason as New York averaged 4.2 yards per carry with both Bradshaw (4.3) and Jacobs (4.5) averaging better than 4 yards per carry.

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