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Prohibited Items List

To ensure that all fans have a safe and enjoyable visit to Gillette Stadium, the following items may not be carried into the stadium:

  • Bags of any kind, excluding small hand held purses, and plastic carrier bags carrying purchases made at the ProShop. Contents of these bags will be inspected.
  • Any type of chair or seat other than those approved for persons with accessibility issues.
  • Purses larger than an 8 1/2'' x 11'' x 6'' sheet of paper will NOT be allowed into the stadium.
  • All video cameras are prohibited. Cameras that have detachable lenses are allowed, however, they will be checked.
  • Electrical items such as small transistor radios, small TV monitors, audio recording equipment, cellphones etc will be allowed through the gates, however, you will be required to turn on the equipment to ensure it is what it appears to be.
  • Seat cushions will be allowed into the stadium after they have been thoroughly checked by security.
  • Binoculars will be allowed into the stadium. The binoculars will be checked first to ensure they are what they appear to be and all binocular cases will be checked.
  • Flags will be allowed access into the stadium, however, flag poles over 2 feet in length will not be allowed (See banner policy).

Banner Policy:To maintain our image of having the best fans in the NFL and MLS, stadium management reserves the right to approve all banners. In addition, stadium management reserves the right to prohibit banners due to space availability, banner size, interference with other fans, or message content.

  • Any alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons of any kind [including knives]
  • Food or beverages [unless the individual is in possession of a letter signed by Mark Briggs, Executive Director of Security and Front of House Operations]
  • Illegal drugs and any other illegal substance
  • Coolers or containers, including cans and bottles
  • Umbrellas
  • Fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • Animals, except service animals assisting those with disabilities
  • Strollers or baby seats
  • Folding, stand alone, chairs
  • Noise makers
  • Bullhorns, air horns
  • Helium balloons
  • Beach balls
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate by stadium management
    No prohibited items will be accepted at the stadium for safekeeping. While this may be an inconvenience we are sure you understand the reasoning behind the policy - please leave all such items secured in your vehicle.

Gillette Stadium and all agencies that work to provide visitors with a safe environment ask that you cooperate fully with staff and arrive at the gates in ample time prior to the game (at least 60 minutes before kickoff).

Individuals in possession of a prohibited item(s) may be denied admission to the stadium, ejected, arrested, prosecuted, and may forfeit the privileges of the season ticket holder of record. Prohibited items that are discovered in the stadium will be confiscated.The Patriots and Gillette Stadium are not responsible for injuries sustained in, on, or around Gillette Stadium.

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